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Here is a selection of features from Craft Focus magazine.


Might of licensing

When a big licensing launch lands – make sure you take advantage... read more


10 questions to ask when choosing an EPoS system

Ian Tomlinson, Founder and CEO of Cybertill, explains what you need to ask before buying an EPoS system... read more


Why you should check your web links

David Fairhurst, Head of Creative Online Marketing at Intelligent Retail, explains why it's important to review your website links... read more


How to cash in this Christmas, but help keep the hackers and fraudsters at bay!

Tim Lansdale, Head of Payment Security, Worldpay explains how to cash in this Christmas and keep fraudsters at bay... read more


The Retailers Guide to Black Friday

What started as a US marketing initiative is unarguably now a popular Christmas tradition both in the US and UK too. Black Friday, the first Friday after Thanksgiving, is when bricks and mortar US retailers reduce prices in a bid to kick-start the gift buying season. Senior security analyst at AppRiver, Fred Touchette offers the following security tips for retailers to help protect systems and keep trading.... read more


Turn one-time buyers into a lifetime buyer

Benoît Gruber, VP Corporate Communication, Sage Enterprise Market Europe, discusses how best to serve your customers and how to keep them.... read more


How TV shopping channels can be the independent retailers friend

Sara Davies asks whether TV shopping channels are fierce competitors or craft advocate? What do you think about TV shopping channels – friend or foe?... read more


Retailer’s guide to Christmas planning

Preparing for Christmas should be a year long process, so it's important to take a step back and plan ahead. Ian Tomlinson from Cybertill takes you through a step-by-step guide to follow so you can create your own Christmas plan. ... read more


Smarter marketing with e-receipts

David Fairhurst, Head of Creative Online Marketing at Intelligent Retail, discusses the benefits of replacing the traditional paper document. ... read more


How to protect your ecommerce business from online fraud

E-commerce expert Simon Horton suggests ways to keep your online craft business free from fraudsters... read more