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How to inspire experienced stitchers

How to inspire experienced stitchers

Once you have conquered the dressmaking basics, ensure you have fabrics and patterns in stock to suit those who enjoy a challenge, says Jacqui Smith... read more

Building a successful blog

Building a successful blog

Building a successful blog: Developing a business blog is a practical and effective way to connect with your customers, says Sara Davies... read more

Talking points

Talking points

Talking points: Linda Jones, author of The Craft Report, discusses her thoughts on this vital piece of industry research... read more


Variety act

Mark Wilson from Creative Products Distribution is looking forward to discovering more craft bestsellers in 2019... read more


Making dressmaking more sustainable

Jacqui Smith examines ways in which the sewing industry can become more environmentally-friendly... read more


Make fabrics a success in 2019

Jacqui Smith, director of Hantex, reveals how to make the most of the home sewing market... read more


All the essentials

Whitecroft Essentials has supplied knitting, sewing and haberdashery supplies for more than a century. Managing director Richard Wood tells us what’s coming up next for the company... read more


A world apart

World of Wool produces fibre crafts that other companies repackage as their own. Marketing manager Andrew Novotny tells us how the business is keeping up with demand... read more


A meeting of minds

Collaborating with creative design professionals is a great way to find new audiences and inspire your customers. Sara Davies explains how ... read more


Hedging your bets

Economist Jeremy Thomson-Cook looks at the challenges of running an international craft company... read more

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