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Here is a selection of features from Craft Focus magazine.


Tips for insuring your craft business

Alison Bellamy ACI, Project Director for Walmsley Commercial Insurance Brokers, talks insurance that's designed for your craft business. ... read more


Online retail vs in-store experience: Is there a real winner?

Leading cloud technology provider Ian Tomlinson, started Cybertill 15 years ago and since, has seen fundamental changes in the world of retail. Here he cites the ways in which retailers should be doing better to excel in the in-store experience phenomena to beat off online competition... read more


Craft It Yourself

Craft It Yourself started (25th July at 8pm on Channel 4), we caught up with the presenters Ant Anstead, nd Robin Johnson and Clemency Green to discuss crafting... read more


Craft intelligence

Julie Bonnar reports back from the recent presentation of Immediate Media's biennial Craft Intelligence research ... read more


#talk to the hand

Michael O'Connor, PR & Marketing expert from Grey Sergeant, shares seven deadly sins that will make consumers dislike your brand.... read more


Proper protocol

David Fairhurst from Intelligent Retail explains Google's latest advance in web security protocol... read more


Become an influencer

Michael O'Connor, PR & Marketing expert from Grey Sergeant, discusses how to become an influencer in your industry. ... read more


Are you pension ready?

Workplace Pension Bureau Director, Richard Pope, explains the importance of employers complying with the new company pension legislation, regardless of business size.... read more


Shout about your business

Sara Davies discusses the importance of building good relationships with the media ... read more


Rethinking retail

CEO Ian Tomlinson talks omni-channel retailing: blurring boundaries, converging sectors and convenient choices... read more