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Effective craft shop displays

Nick Parry from ExaClair shares his thoughts and advice on how craft retailers can make the most of their in-store displays.

Ensuring craft shop displays are current and relevant will always help catch consumers' attention. Think about seasons, themes and national occasions like Christmas, parties and sporting events and how you can create displays that will inspire customers to think about complementary crafting activities.

By creating a calendar you can organise how your shop will look throughout the year and ensure that stock is rotated when appropriate; your shelves will look instantly outdated and unappealing if they are still stocking Halloween products past the beginning of November, for example.
Re-stocking according to your calendar's next event will also encourage customers to think early about their crafting wants for the coming season.

Throughout the year dealers should use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and crafting blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends. Look out for colours, patterns, materials and types of crafting that are proving popular and capitalise on this insight by gearing displays around what's in vogue. An oldie, but a 'golden goodie' is to make sure you put must-have, snap-decision items near the till, as customers waiting to be served are often amenable to fun, good value additional purchases.

From a practical point of view there are some simple ways you can ensure customers leave your store with a good impression: dust is a real sales killer and so clean shelves are crucial; ensure all your staff are well product-trained or know who to ask; make sure everything is priced clearly and any offers are obvious - if a customer finds out at the till their item costs more than they thought, it will be off-putting regardless of the good quality and value of the product.

Displays are there to inform and inspire, and by investing in them and thinking strategically
they will draw in customers and increase profits.

W: www.exclair.co.uk

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