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Ring Around the Rosie Mandala Kit is the newest offering from Pineapple Fibre Art, the textured design was inspired by the beautiful merino yarn from Cornish yarn dyer The Camel's Yarn and is an intermediate crochet level. Completed with yarns, hoop, ribbon, written pattern and chart and smartly packaged, these kits are a treat to make. For further information, email: emma@pineapplefibreart.com, call +44 (0)7815 790 283 or visit the website: www.pineapplefibreart.com

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The Trimits collection of craft kits continues to grow, bring retailers a selection of exclusive to Groves designs in the most popular crafts. New for 2022 are three 'My First Kits', available in cross stitch, knitting and crochet. These have a fun and contemporary feel that children will want to pick up and try. Each kit contains everything needed to complete the project, including tools. To view these and more head over to the Groves website. For further information, email: sales@groves-banks.com or visit the website: www.grovesltd.co.uk

This product is featured in our August/September issue available now to read online for FREE

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It's an exciting time for The Fibre Co. as it prepares for a full autumn programme. The company is providing stockists with products that support the staggering increase of yarn crafters that came out of the pandemic. Specifically, launching a new affordable range of yarns called &Make – 35 per cent more affordable than their luxury yarn lines. Educational content including live online classes, how-to videos, blogs and new designs are all part of the programme.

The Fibre Co. also offers a collection of knitting and crochet patterns and will be a vendor at The Knit Show, 3rd-4th September, 2022 at The Pavilions of Harrogate.

For further information, call +44 (0)1768 779 292, email: contact@thefibreco.com or visit the website: www.thefibreco.com

Loved by Craft Focus magazine

This beginner-friendly kit from The Crafty Kit Company is a fantastic introduction to the art of two-dimensional needle felting, also known as ‘painting with wool’.

Inside crafters will find all the tools and supplies needed to create an autumnal scene of woodland toadstools, including specialist felting needles, 100 per cent felting wool, and a recycled foam felting pad. Proudly made in Scotland by the winner of Best Sustainable Craft Company 2020 and 2021, this kit would make a wonderful present, either as a boxed gift or as a finished project to display on the wall in its bamboo hoop! The RRP is £18.95.

For further information, call +44 (0)1620 860 907, email: trade@craftykitcompany.co.uk or visit the website: https://trade.craftykitcompany.co.uk

Loved by Craft Focus magazine

I couldn't be more excited to reveal Corinne's brand new Christmas with the Mouse Family hoop kit. It launched in June on her Create and Craft TV show and early response has been phenomenal. This very special hoop kit features these little creatures getting ready for Christmas. Amid twinkling lights, the three little mice are putting finishing touches to their tree, hanging homemade garlands and acorns. A festive kit with a difference, this atmospheric design evokes cosy winter nights full of joyful anticipation. As always, the kit contains everything needed to complete the project, including a 19cm wooden hoop, and comes in our distinctive recyclable folk printed box.

For further information, call +44 (0)1132 460 403, email: trade@corinnelapierre.com or visit the website: www.corinnelapierre.com

The product is featured in full in our August/September issue available now to read online for FREE

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ExaClair Limited has launched a new Creative Box to add to its range of Clairefontaine handicraft products. The Lettering Kit Creative Box features a selection of premium items, perfect for those wishing to try the popular art of brush lettering. It contains four pre-printed sheets to colour, a lettering brush, pipette, three bottles of premium quality Jacques Herbin inks (10ml), a lettering initiation booklet and a full instructions sheet.

Lawrence Savage, Marketing Manager at ExaClair Limited, says, “This Clairefontaine Lettering Kit offers further choice for the end-user and makes an ideal gift for those seeking to experience brush lettering. Other Creative Boxes include an origami garland complete with LED lights, crepe paper flowers and Christmas decorations.”

For further information, call +44 (0)1553 696 600, email: sales@exaclair.co.uk or visit the website: www.exaclairlimited.com

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Hawthorn Handmade has introduced three new cross stitch kits. Firstly, Born to Craft is created with just a simple cross stitch. Secondly, A Stitch in Time is perfect for all stitchers; and lastly the rainbow design perfectly complements the new crafty word designs. The bright and fun pattern has no fiddly partial stitches or back stitch and the block colours make this a really simply project for beginners. For further information, email: info@hawthornhandmade.co.uk or visit the website: www.hawthornhandmade.com

The product range is featured in full in our August/September issue available now to read online for FREE

The product is featured in our August/September issue available now to read online for FREE

Loved by Craft Focus magazine

This earth design really comes into its own on Zweigart's beautiful 28 ct. Cashel linen with the all-over print 'Mini Dots' (3281/1129) in delicate light blue. The design can be downloaded free of charge from the homepage: www.zweigart.de/embroidery

Did you know? Zweigart's trademark is the Orange Line, an orange-coloured thread in the selvedge of all Zweigart® fabrics. This is the company's sign for best quality and state-of-the-art fabrics that are colourfast, easy-care and precise in weaving. Be sure to also explore the rest of the collection on the company's website and check out the new Instagram page at www.instagram.com/zweigartneedleworkfabrics For further information, email info@zweigart.de or visit the website: www.zweigart.de

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edding's EcoLine markers are eco-friendly with at least 90 per cent of the total plastic used made from recycled material (including 83 per cent post-consumer material), whilst the edding 24 EcoLine Highlighter has been awarded the 'Blue Angel' eco-label and at least 90 per cent of the cap and barrel are made from renewable resources. All our EcoLine markers are refillable, made in Germany and are classified as Climate Neutral products. What's more, is that from April 2022, 5p from the sale of every single EcoLine marker will be donated to Tree Appeal and their Trees for Schools campaign, whereby students in a UK school get involved and plant trees, reduce CO2 in our atmosphere, and learn about the environment. The campaign is also part of the Tree Twinning initiative through which every tree planted in the UK will also see a tree planted in Africa. This means for every 120 EcoLine markers sold, two trees will be planted (one in a UK school and one in Africa) which will collectively remove over 700kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. Based off the predicted annual sales the company hopes to remove just over 700tonnes of CO2 this year alone.

For further information, email info@edding.co.uk or visit the website: www.edding.co.uk You can read about more eco-friendly products in our June/ July issue - download for free now!

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Michael's Bridal Fabrics has increased its range of eco-friendly French laces. Some are using organic cotton, combined with viscose made from wood pulp where new trees are planted when the ones to produce the yarn are cut down. One of these articles is a re-coloured existing design, and now include colours: Jeans, Dk Emerald and White. Many of the existing designs will also be converted to using the organic cotton option as the company replaces them.

For further information, call +44 (0)1322 380 480 or visit: www.michaelsbridalfabrics.co.uk