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Handcrafting the Portuguese soul is our drive and we make it happen supplying unique eco-friendly craft supplies, inspiring DIY projects, teaching traditional techniques and handcrafting meaningful gifts.

Folclore works with local suppliers, having a large selection of cork materials, embroidery supplies, burel, vintage ribbons and yarns. The sustainability demands challenged us to get more involved in production and to create our own cork products, like cotton backed cork fabric and cork buttons and beads.

In every step we take we want to show that Portugal is the place for diversity, tradition and quality when it comes to craft supplies.


Categories: Buttons, Children's Crafts, Craft Kits, Craft Materials, Embroidery, Fabrics, Jewellery, Textiles



Cork Buttons

Handmade eco-friendly decorative large two-hole cork buttons. Perfect for many arts & crafts like knitting, sewing, crochet, and macramé making.


Children's Crafts

Crafts for Kids

Inspired by age-old arts like embroidering, hole-punching, stamping or making knots, our kits challenge child’s creativity and develop handmaking skills while they are just having fun.


Craft Kits

DIY & Craft Kits

Folclore Crafts’ kits were inspired by ancestral long-lasting arts & crafts like and embroidery. A Portuguese idea born out of the passion for our threads, cork and fabrics. All our kits come with all the supplies needed and step-by-step instructions to guide you on learning a new craft technique.


Craft Materials

Cork Craft Supplies

Folclore Crafts works with local suppliers, having a large selection of cork materials, like cork fabric and paper, cork cord and straps, cork filling, cork beads and discs, cork bark, natural cork sheets and many other unique products.
Our materials can be used in sewing, scrapbooking, jewellery, macramé, home décor, and many other DIY projects



Portuguese Embroidery Supplies

Inspired by the richness of Portuguese embroidery traditions, we offer kits for kids and grown ups and embroidery supplies made in Portugal.

Our range of pearl cotton floss, linens and traditional embroidery patterns reflects the uniqueness and diversity of out stitched soul.
We've created our own scissors cases and fobs and also needle cases.



Cork Fabric

Did you know that it’s possible to make a bag with the bark of a tree? Yes… cork is as special as this! The most famous vegan leather alternative, cork fabric, is made by gluing cork sheets to a backing support.

Using a handcrafted process, we are able to offer customized products. It’s possible to choose from an amazing range of colors and natural patterns and to pick the best pure cotton backing from different weights. A lightweight cork fabric will be perfect for garments, a medium and a heavyweight material can be used in bags and other fashion accessories or in home interior projects, including upholstery. Even reversible options are



Cork Beads

Our cork beads are locally hancrafted in a small workshop.
We offer different cork beads shapes, including spheres, cubes, discs, cylinders and rings. Different sizes are available (beginning at 10mm ) and also a range of colors and patterns.
This is a great organic and unique supply to create lightweight sustainable jewellery.



Portuguese Traditional Textiles

Portugal is a country where textile production is a very traditional and long lasting activity. Our textile range includes a cotton fabric inspired by regional scarfs and a unique 100% boiled wool fabric, burel.

We offer colorful traditional patterned fabrics inspired by Portuguese folklore costumes with bright colors that can be used in your sewing projects to make bags, cloth, home decor projects or to use as a scarf.

Burel is a 100% boiled wool craft fabric which production follows long lasting traditions. It’s a woven and felted fabric, becoming more compact and resistant than a common wool cloth and very easy working because there is no need to finish edges once they won't unravel. Burel is waterproof, fire resistant and one of the most resistant fabrics in the world.

It's a very versatile material that can be used in jackets, capes, cardigans, bags, backpacks, belts, berets and necklaces. Its durability makes it also perfect for blankets, rugs, pillows and other home decor projects.