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When you need something new for your customers, at a great price, do you go to the same suppliers as everyone else? Do you wait weeks for the container from China? What if you are in a hurry and can’t find the thing you are looking for?

Here at Peak Dale, we make our own craft kits and bundles of hobby products, and anything else that we think you could sell. We support the retail trade by ONLY selling to businesses, not their customers – we have no Etsy, eBay, Amazon or factory shops – and we really believe in the value of the high street as well as the online business.


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All Adhesives and tapes

Including the best double-sided tape available anywhere, this range of adhesives and tapes is sure to provide your customers with just the right product for the right task.

As well as DS tape in various widths and lengths and money-saving bulk bundles, you can stock up with a large range of glues and tapes from Peak Dale Products.

And we stock glue spreaders too.

Our range of tapes includes: clear easy-tear tape, double-sided tape (very good) in various widths and lengths, double sided tape pen, framers paper tape in various widths, gaffa tape, grid pads in various configurations, gummed paper tape, masking tape and packing tape.

The range of glues includes: Amos glue sticks, balsa cement, glitter glue, glue guns (cool and hot), grip pads, heat and waterproof adhesive, jewellers cement, Mod Podge matte in various sizes, Mod Podge gloss in various sizes, Mod Podge puzzle saver, Mod Podge sparkle, Mod Podge starter set, Sakura Quickie glue pens, silicone rubber glue, tacky glue, white craft glue bottles and pens.



Beads, bead loom and accessories

Our beadwork range contains some of our best selling products and some cracking customer favourites.

Looms and accessories: basic, giant and long bead looms, Ultimate bead loom (as featured on various blogs), speed threader, beading needles, metal bookmarks for beading, cotton cord, fishing line in various thicknesses, nylon thread, shoe laces, silamide thread, stretch elastic, thread heaven for making threading easier and tiger tail wire.

Glass beads:
- ambers mix
- blacks mix
- Reds mix
- turquoises mix
- whites mix
- shades of blue
- shades of crystal
- shades of gold
- shades of green
- shades of orange
- shades of pink
- shades of purple
- shades of red
- shades of turquoise
- shades of yellow

Metal beads:
- gilt in 2mm and 3mm
- silver plate 2mm and 3mm

Peacock beads:
- round
- dagger shaped
- triangular

Rocaille beads:
- silver lined aqua
- silver lined clear iridescent
- silver lined gold
- silver lined orange
- silver lined pink
- silver lined royal
- silver lined sea green
- silver lined orange

Seed beads:
- white
- white pearl
- yellow
- yellow foil lined
- blue
- red
- red foil lined
- brown
- brown foil lined
- green opaque
- green foil lined
- black
- orange
- orange foil lined
- mauve
- mauve foil lined
- navy
- assorted
- assorted pearl
- lilac
- pink
- pink foil lined
- cream pearl
- light blue foil lined
- silver foil lined
- gold foil lined

Wood beads:
- white wood beads in various sizes
- black
- yellow
- red
- natural
- natural mix
- brown
- assorted
- oval assorted
- African mix


Candle Crafts

Hundreds of candle making products and several best-selling kits

Candle making continues to be one of the most popular crafts and hobbies we cater for, especially approaching Christmas. We stock kits to produce moulded candles and also all the individual products to top up your supplies for customers.

Waxes and wax products include:
- Beeswax in blocks sheets and pellets
- Jelly wax
- Microcrystalline wax
- Paraffin wax in many sizes
- Soy wax in many sizes
- Stearin in various sizes
- Vybar in various sizes
- Candle dye (for paraffin wax) in ten colours, a rainbow pack of the three primary colours and a box of every dye
- Candle scent (for paraffin wax) in 16 perfumes, a Xmas scents pack, a 4 scents pack and a bumper pack of 7 scents
- Candle cores

Wicks are braided cotton and come in various widths and lengths. We also stock wick holders and waxed wicks in various pack sizes.
We also stock thermometers, tips booklets and top-up packs for wick, strain and dye.

Moulds and accessories include:
- Metal moulds
- Rigid plastic moulds
- Flexible plastic moulds
- Rubber moulds
- Mould seal
- Tray moulds

Candle making kits include:
- Five pointed star kit
- Snowy tree kit
- 12 scented candles kit
- Ultimate candle making kit
- Kilner jar kit


Card Making

Singleford Card Blanks

Card making is still a big business. £1.6 billion was spent on them last year. It is a craft that has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the top 5 crafts.

Here at Peak Dale Products we supply everything you need to get started with the wonderful craft of Card making.

Almost all of our cards are manufactured here in the Derbyshire Dales. First we choose only the finest 290-300 gsm board, we then cut it, score it and fold it, after that we package it into pretty retail bags along with envelopes.

A card blank is just that, a blank card. With our range of accessories, that card blank can become something beautiful. See our website for everything card making including Glitter, Paint, Gold and Silver Writing Pens, Lace Stickers, Glitter Card, Self Adhesive Letters, Ribbons and a range of crystal clear, Polypropylene Bags to display your creation in.

Have a look at our cards in sizes A4, A5, A6, DL, Mini, Slim, Small Square, Square and Atc. And in White and Cream colours.

We also have some quite funky Duo colour cards and envelope packs in Pink, Red and Turquoise. If you enjoy a bit of funk in your card blanks then we also have Deckle Edged, Scalloped Edge and Spot Designs.


Craft Kits

British made kits designed and made by us

Most of our kits start with an idea. From then we design, supply and package every part you will need. We then pack it into a strong, protective box, design labels and headers and then market it.

We have over 50 different kits ranging from beautifully, handcrafted Bead Looms to stunning Matchstick kits of many different buildings, vehicles and even ships.

If we do not produce our kits in house we only source suppliers of the highest quality. We would sample each and every part of a new kit and accept only the best.

Our kits contain everything you would ever need and more. We also stock top-ups of each individual part of a kit so if your customers get inspired and need more of a certain product then we can provide.

Some kits include: Bead Loom, Birthday Board, Candle Making, Clock Making, Cracker Making, Dream Catcher, Fairy Door, Life Casting, Matchstick Models, Silk Card Painting, Quilling, Rag Rug, Seagrass Stool, Resin, Shire Door, Soap Making, Sweet Christmas Tree, Sweet Tree, Glass Engraving Kits.


Glass Crafts

Glass Crafts

Glasswork or glass craft is the art of engraving or etching onto the surface of glass to give a milky, white area. This can be done to create patterns, letters, numbers, names or pictures on the glass.

We sell everything you would need to get into the fascinating and therapeutic art of glass craft.

Our glass shapes are manufactured in Germany cut from the highest quality glass. They are also pierced with a small hole for ease of hanging. Our selection includes circles, eggs, hearts and star and window shapes. We also have a selection of leaded glass circles for that vintage look to your customers work.

Glass etching cream is an acid based solution which, when spread on glass, eats away at the surface. It is then wiped off and leaves a milky, white area. We sell an 85g pot that goes a long way.

If etching glass sounds a bit risky then our Swiss Glass kits might be for you. Engrave your own gifts with this fascinating, easy to learn and inexpensive hobby. No acids, no machines, no expensive drills, just use hand held diamond dust tools to engrave on drinking glasses, trophies, window hangers, mirrors, paperweights, etc.


Metal Crafts

Metal Crafts

Our metals are of the highest quality we could source. They are either German or American made to the tightest specifications and purest forms. We then hand roll each individual roll, checking for any imperfections along the way.

Each of our metals, copper, pewter, aluminium and brass, come in different lengths and widths so its best to check on our website to see our range.

Our range of metal embossing kits has something to suit everyone.

First off there is a 6 projects kit. This includes everything to make key rings, magnets, brooches and a decorative wooden box. This kit contains over 20 elements in the box so is unbelievable value for money.

Next we sell an embossed clock kit. It includes everything you need to make a copper clock including the clock movement, clock face, piece of copper and all the tools, instructions and patterns you will need.

Last but certainly not least we sell a metal frame kit. This kit enables you to create a beautifully embossed picture frame perfect for displaying pictures of loved ones.

For copper enamelling we have a massive range of copper and aluminium blanks in a range of different sizes and shapes. See our website for more details


Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts

Paper is one of the most widely used material in the arts and crafts world. It is a staple and is used in many ways including folding, cutting, gluing, moulding, stitching, or layering.

Here at Peak Dale Products you will find a huge selection of papers and cards.

Our cardstock packs are made a top quality, thick, 230gsm card cut down into A4 size. We have packs of 25 in a great range of colours and all in either a plain, hammered or linen finish.

Another top seller of ours is our glitter card packs. They are made here in the UK (think quality) and don’t shed their glitter as much as you’d think. Perfect for card making, gift boxes or card shapes and words. They come in many different colours and pack sizes of 3 or 25.

Origami is roughly translated to “folding paper”. It is the art of folding a flat piece of paper into a 3D object. We sell origami paper in a range of sizes from 3 inch to 8 inch. We also sell a range of funky, printed origami papers.


Wood Crafts

Balsa wood packs

Balsa is one of the lightest woods around. It is strong yet light. Therefore it is perfect for model making. We only accept grade AAA wood which is the highest quality possible.

We sell square sections ranging in sizes from 1.6mm to 25mm, rectangle sections ranging in sizes from 1.6mm to 50mm and dowel ranging in sizes from 5mm to 25mm.

Also if you are looking for selections of wood then we also do great value balsa bundles. See the website for our Giant Pack, Mini Pack, Blocks Pack, Thin 75mm, Thin 100mm, Thick 75mm, Thick 100mm, Square Pack, Rectangle Pack,