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ExaClair Limited is the UK supplier of iconic handicraft and gifting brands such as Décopatch, Avenue Mandarine and Clairefontaine.

Drive sales by developing your in-store craft offering with Décopatch.

Décopatch is a fun and easy craft to learn and enjoy if children and adults alike. Décopatch Mini kits are a cost effective way to discover this growing craft.


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Art Materials

Clairefontaine Fine Art

Clairefontaine offers several styles and sizes for its Fine Arts paper sheets, pads or packs. They have a rich tradition of producing paper products, and have done so in their mill since 1858. They began making traditional stationery products in the late 19th century, and in 1950 produced their first high-quality notebooks for students. The rest, as they say, is history.

An extensive range of products are available to suit many art techniques, including wet and dry drawing techniques. grained paper, grained coloured paper, smooth drawing paper, technical drawing paper, bristol paper, white vellum graph paper, tracing paper, wash drawing, gouache and acrylic paper, pastel colours ingres, calligraphy, white blotting paper, black scraped board paper.


Card Making

Clairefontaine Pop-Up Card kits

Clairefontaine pop-up card kits provide crafting enthusiasts with everything needed to create stylish bespoke cards.

Each kit contains an envelope, double card and cutting elements to personalise the card. Using different DIY techniques such as cutting, folding, assembling and gluing, these original cards will come to life. Available in a selection of 10 themes, including Birthday, Congratulations and Christmas.


Children's Crafts

Avenue Mandarine Crafts

Our Avenue Mandarine brand features a wider range of fun and educational games, puzzles and crafts.

Primarily designed for children aged between 2 and 10 years, these creative gifts incorporate traditional activities such as colouring, sewing, origami, painting, papercraft and jigsaws.


Craft Accessories

Décopatch Accessories

Décopatch is the easy craft to learn and enjoy...inspiring creativity for kids and adults alike!

Our range of accessories includes a wide selection of glues and varnishes, Décopatch papers, models and brushes.


Craft Kits

Décopatch Mini Kits

The Décopatch elephant kit complements its popular mini kits range, containing everything required for a new Décopatch project all in one convenient box.

The new mini kit, perfect for kids, contains one ready-to-decorate mâché elephant, two sheets of Décopatch paper, one glue pot and a brush, with pictures on the packaging, designed to inspire crafters. Other mini kits include the dinosaur, dolphin, unicorn, rabbit, llama and butterfly, to name a few!


Craft Materials

Clairefontaine Handicrafts

There are a wide range of high quality handicraft products available, including various crepe and tissue papers and card crafting kits.

A comprehensive selection of envelopes and origami papers are also available.


Festive Crafts

Clairefontaine Festive Crafts

We offer a number of seasonal themed arts and crafting products from our Clairefontaine brand.

These include various items suitable for Easter, Halloween and Christmas.


Paper Crafts

Clairefontaine Paper Crafts

Clairefontaine offers a wide selection of high quality products that are ideal for various paper craft activities.

These range from traditional origami techniques to more modern sewing paper and crepe paper kits.


Stationery Products

Office & Novelty Stationery Products

We offer a comprehensive range of office filing and organisation products, including notebooks, folders, and desktop accessories. Exacompta products are environmentally responsible, with many products being FSC®, or Blue Angel® certified, proving to consumers they are responsibly sourced or made from recycled materials.

A choice of Clairefontaine collections are also available, including the eco-friendly Jeans & Cocoa range.


Weddings & Occasions

Photo Albums & Guest Books

A wide range of high quality photo albums and guest books for all occasions, including weddings, birthdays, travels and anniversaries.