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Telephone: +31 4163 32672

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The laser cutting & CNC-milling specialist.

Specialized in:
- Private label productions
• Stencil manufacturer ((From 50 pcs on you can get your own stencil or mdf design)
• CNC milling from wooden and MDF shapes
• (Foam) Stamp production
• Paper cuts / kits
• Stickers
• Chipboard embellisments

Our own brands:
• Dutch Doobadoo
• Pronty Crafts


Categories: Card Making, Craft Kits, Paper Crafts, Rubber Stamps, Wood Crafts


Card Making

Stencils ( laser cut)

High quality craft laser cut stencils produced by our experts with our advanced laser cutting machines.


Craft Kits

Craft Kits

Whether you would like to have a paper kit in combination with stickers, (printed) embellishments, stencils of mdf.

With our different laser cutting and CNC-milling techniques we can pack any kit you want.

Yart Factory is specialist in Private label packaging!


Paper Crafts

Paper and Chipboard laser cut embellishments

Our highly advanced lasers cutting machines and our professional team are experienced in handling delicate paper and chipboard designs.

Whether it is paper cut-outs for crafting, or intricate designs for business cards or greeting cards, we can guarantee a beautiful result.


Rubber Stamps

Foam stamps

Yart Factory produces Foam stamps with any design you wish!

Our highly advanced lasers can engrave your design into foam in order to create a stamp tailored to every occasion.


Wood Crafts

Wodden and MDf shapes

Wooden and MDF shapes,
CNC milled or laser cut into intricate, custom designs to fit your needs.

CNC mill wonderful shapes and 3D creations, or laser cut more intricate, delicate designs as home decorations.