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Ancient Wisdom is Europe's largest online wholesaler.

Our Mission is to provide the independent gift trader with an ever expanding range of wholesale giftware, bathroom products, incense, aromatherapy and wholesale packaging. Currently we have over 12,000 spread over almost 1,000 web pages all available to order on-line for next day delivery in the UK (well we do our best).


Categories: Ceramics, Craft Accessories, Crystals, Decorative Painting, Haberdashery, Jewellery, Textiles, Weddings & Occasions, Wood Crafts



Herbal Teapot Set

As herbal tea and all things related are seriously on trend, this range of sets of teapots are easy to display and a perfect gift for any tea lover.

Packed in a gift box, a teapot with a metal strainer in the lid and six matching cups. Lovely designs to choose from, and your customers can make teabag free tea, and save the earth.

This really is your cup of tea, and your customers will love it. A perfect house warming gift. If you sell speciality tea's an essential item.

Product Details
• Material: Ceramic
• Dimensions Teapot: W14 x H12 x D6cm 650ml
• Cup: H:7 D:5 80ml


Craft Accessories

Soap & Bathbomb Accessories

These Wholesale Soap & Bath Bomb Accessories are always enjoyable and great gifts for any occasion but why not make them that little bit more appealing with some of our wholesale bath accessories!

If you are selling Soap Loaves or Cakes or any other unwrapped soaps you will want to do a professional job of cutting and wrapping them at the sales point. To that end, we present our range of quality Wholesale Soap Accessories, including soap tubs, sisal bags and soap cutters.



Gemstone Tree with Orgonite Base

These gemstone crystal trees with an Orgonite base are vibrant, colorful, and would energize any room you'd place them in. The orgonite base is in the shape of a pyramid and filled with the same natural crystals that are on the tree. Something simply beautiful like a gemstone tree can create a space where energy can freely flow and also attract good things! Gemstone trees are made from natural/untreated rock crystals because they bring a stronger quality of energy As to the number and the shape of crystals on the tree, the more crystals, the better! After all, the tree symbolizes stability, growth, as well as a long life blessed with abundance.


Decorative Painting

Buddha Painting

Add some elegance and culture to your store with our range of Buddha Paintings. Handmade with passion and love with the finest canvas and natural wooden frames by Balinese artisans and craftsmen therefore each one is unique signed by the painter.

Your Buddha Paintings will arrive ready to hang on the wall, perfectly packaged, ready to brighten the walls of your customer’s home, yoga studios, gift shops. The spectacular attention to detail gives the painting the realism and beauty.



Jute 3 Ply Twine

Wholesale Jute 3 Ply Twine featured in colourful and natural, great for gardening, jewellery making, scrapbooking and general use. These Jute Twine hold knots securely, they are also biodegradable, made from eco-friendly material.

This twine is particularly strong due to its 3 ply construction and is perfect for binding heavy parcels.

Ideal for gardens, gift wrapping also to tie bouquets, especially with the wedding season around the corner, suitable for Florist, Floral, Flowers, Gardens, Plants and Householders.



Silver & Gold Jewellery - Gift boxed

The latest trend is Gold & Silver mixed jewellery this range with an exotic mystic feel. Everyone loves it, especially since the beautiful packaging compliments the product making this is a special gift . When you open the gift box on this silver jewellery you can see it says "..wear with confidence.." not just because it is beautiful - but also because it is ethically sourced by Ancient Wisdom.



Luxury Indian Rag Rugs

Wholesale Indian Rag Rugs. Every home should have a few adding splashes of colour to any room. These Indian rugs are lovingly hand-made from cotton and recycled materials from the Indian textile industry, so very eco-friendly... and of great value.

They bring instant comfort and style to your customer's home. Can be used in any room. The material feels very soft and comfy, inviting you to relax and walk barefoot. We import directly from India, using a trusted supplier and try to keep this product in stock as much as possible.


Weddings & Occasions

Homeware Gifts

Our extensive Wholesale ranges include a great range of Wholesale Cushions and Cushion Covers, Cotton Prints, Bedspreads and Wall Hangings. All our soft furnishing products come mostly from India and Indonesia and some from China.

So if you are looking for great quality Indian Cotton Cushion Covers and Bedspreads or amazingly soft Indonesian Batik table wear then you have come to the right place. We aim to bring you the best-selling and most profitable Homeware you can stock and to be highly competitive.


Wood Crafts

Bali Magic Boxes

These wholesale Sheesham boxes are made on exactly the same idea as our Indian wooden puzzles. You have to work out which order to pull the various pieces apart in. In the centre is a small compartment ideal to hide that special little gift.

Lovely to look at - nice to play with. Added novelty value make them an easy sale. They also make an intriguing display. Hand-made in Bali to a high standard and supplied individually wrapped and bar-coded.