STABILO to reduce annual plastic waste by 30 tons

Posted by Rachel Westall on 21 March 2024

Following the launch of its sustainability initiative: STABILO Together, STABILO has taken another step towards its 2025 climate-neutral target.

pastel coloured highlighter pens The new machines produce 100 per cent cardboard packaging, which will allow STABILO to produce all product packaging in a more sustainable and future-oriented way at two of its three production sites. By switching materials for more than 120 different types of packaging, STABILO will now reduce plastic waste by around 30 tons every year.

The cardboard packaging produced by the three new machines will replace the two previous packaging formats: a paper and plastic mix and a combination of different plastics. The new mono-material cardboard packaging will encourage customers to recycle more by eliminating the need to separate different materials, thereby making recycling an easier option.

In addition to this, STABILO has selected the most recyclable packaging material available, as cardboard and paper are considered the most recyclable materials globally due to the recycling process being so well established among both households and disposal companies alike. The packaging switch is of particular value for several STABILO point 88 and STABILO Pen 68 cases. Production of the now outdated, old containers generated non-recyclable plastic waste that had to be incinerated. With the new machinery these cases can be produced with zero waste and utilise a cardboard manufacturing process that requires less energy to deliver it.

As well as all this, the three packaging machines are designed to accommodate future packaging formats, so STABILO can now convert other products to easily recyclable 100 per cent cardboard moving forwards, both for high volume products and smaller batches requiring special packaging.

Vanya Hunter, UK Marketing Manager, at STABILO UK says, "We are delighted by this move to cardboard packaging and proud to be taking another major step in our STABILO Together sustainability initiative. Our STABILO GREEN BOSS highlighters are already made from 83per cent recycled plastic, while every single one of our pencils consists of 100 per cent sustainably grown wood. STABILO's investment in this new packaging machinery demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability and to achieving our plan to become a climate-neutral company by 2025."

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