A cut above the rest

Posted by Rachel Westall on 20 February 2024

red scissors Checker Distributors is now the home of the renowned perfect crafting and quilting products by quilt artist Karen Kay Buckley. With their exceptional quality and precision, designed by acclaimed quilt artist Karen Kay Buckley®, these scissors are meticulously crafted to deliver clean and accurate cuts on various fabrics, ensuring your projects have a professional finish. Their original serrated blades provide excellent grip and prevent slippage, making them ideal for intricate and detailed cutting tasks.

A message from Karen Kay Buckley, award-winning quilter, author, and teacher: "I am fully retired, yippee! I have sold my business. I'm thrilled that the new owners, Checker Distributors, will continue my product line exactly as you have come to know it. After working with Checker Distributors for 35 years, a family-owned business for 75 years, I have come to appreciate their support of our industry, their devotion to their customers, and their excellent service. Their business philosophy closely aligns with mine. Thanks for your encouragement and support of my products. Your kind words have always been appreciated and often made my days better."

Visit: www.checkerdist.com

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