Introducing Fuchsia de Magellan

Posted by Rachel Westall on 7 December 2023

Jacques Herbin, a distinguished name in the world of fine writing instruments and inks, is proud to announce the international release of their latest creation: “Fuchsia de Magellan” ink. 

Fuchsia de Magellan ink bottle and quill Discovered in South America, the Magellancia fuchsia was named after the renowned Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and is known for its vivid and enchanting pink and purple hues. Jacques Herbin has skilfully captured the essence of this flower within this latest addition to its collection of 1670 inks, creating a writing experience that beautifully combines the lively shades of fuchsia with a soft and warm cloud of golden glitter that gives the ink an elegantly unique and intense radiance.

Renowned for its smooth flow, quick drying time and exceptional quality, this Jacques Herbin ink is ideal for both seasoned professionals and aspiring creatives. 'Fuchsia de Magellan' is not just an ink; it is a medium for creative expression. Artists, calligraphers, and fountain pen enthusiasts can use it to add depth and character to their work. "The Creation of 'Fuchsia de Magellan' ink exemplifies our dedication to collaboration and innovation within the Clairefontaine Group" says Lawrence Savage, UK Marketing Manager at ExaClair, the UK subsidiary of group. "We believe this ink will inspire writers and artists to explore new horizons of creativity". Fuchsia de Magellan ink is available in a beautifully designed glass bottle, which reflects the brand's dedication to elegance and artisanry.

For more information about Jacques Herbin and "Fuchsia de Magellan" ink, please visit

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