A New World of Collectibles with Crayola®

Posted by Rachel Westall on 5 September 2023

Hunter Price International has unveiled a new product concept which will bring children’s imagination to life through enchanting worlds of collectible eraser characters. The innovative Crayola ImagiPals will hit UK and European retail markets later this year. The leading creative product developer’s new creation will inspire children’s imagination and creativity as they use Crayola ImagiPals to tell stories, act out scenes, and create unique little worlds.

Crayola® animal erasers The debut collection, Animal Kingdom, includes six mystery animal characters from around the world; a lion, penguin, fox, elephant, koala, and panda. Each comes in a reusable surprise ball with contents themed to that animal's habitat.

Children will be delighted to discover their animal character, a mini colouring page depicting that animal's habitat, Crayola crayons and stickers packaged inside the surprise ball. Using the stickers, children can transform the ball into the ImagiPals character's home while the colouring page depicts the animal's environment. When children collect and complete the entire set, the colouring pages and character homes form a colourful animal kingdom.

The name ImagiPals celebrates the joy of friendship, and the limitless potential of imagination, making this range the perfect collection for children between the ages of five to 12, who are interested in collecting and playing with fun and creative characters. It will also appeal to parents, gift buyers, and collectors who appreciate the playful design of the product. Ben Cornwell, sales director for stationery, arts & craft at Hunter Price International, explained; "Crayola Imagipals fully aligns with what we're all about as a business – we're dedicated to design and committed to creating and developing new brands and products with purpose. "Crayola ImagiPals has so much potential, and we've had such incredible feedback from the market already. We've developed a brand strategy which is focused around building a limitless world of imagination through creativity, characters, and playful design. The debut collection is just the beginning, with new characters and collaborations joining the ImagiPals family in the very near future."

Crayola ImagiPals will be fully supported with a marketing communications campaign through public relations, social and creative content, to bring the ImagiPals story to life at retail and for consumers.

The playful new brand will launch at retail partners B&M, The Works and Poundland, with more to be announced in the coming months.

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