CraftCover’s new insurance policy

Posted by Rachel Westall on 29 June 2023

CraftCover insurance brokers have designed a policy created specifically for the UK Craft Industry. The company’s bespoke insurance product is made for independent crafters, by a small independent company. CraftCover has just launched a brand-new policy that has been highly requested by a lot of newer and/or part-time crafters, and that’s the one-off craft insurance policy’.

hearts hanging in market craft stall Craft fairs in the UK are usually an all year round occasion, but if you only plan on going to two or three, you may not want to pay for a full year's worth of cover. Craft Cover has specifically designed a one-off, three-day craft fair insurance policy, only covering you for the days that you need it.
This new, short-term cover provides crafters the necessary Public Liability cover to sell at fairs or exhibitions, and it will cover you for up to three days of trading.
This policy is perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the world of craft fairs, but don't want to commit to a craft fair policy for a full year.
Take a look at the website and see which policy would suit you and your business best!

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