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Posted by Rachel Westall on 20 June 2023

New for 2023, Metallic Elephant has launched its sister website Foils-online to help unleash your creativity! This e-commerce platform offers an incredible variety of foils, each with its own special qualities that will make your prints & designs pop. Whether you're looking for metallics, holographic, pigment or matte foils, you can find it all. Start shopping today and see what possibilities await you with Foils-online.

neon metallic foil Hot foiling is a process that involves creating an impression on a surface using thin metal hot foil plates and special foil sheets (no, not that aluminium foil used for cooking!). The combination of heat and pressure helps create a beautiful, shiny, metallic design. If you're familiar with the idea of creating a letterpress design, then you're already halfway through understanding how this method works. It's like a letterpress design but with a more luxurious shine and shimmer, thanks to the hot foil applied.

You can't make pretty hot foiled designs without these! Hot foil rolls are available in various sizes and colours, with gold being the most popular. These ink-resistant sheets can be metallic but are available in fluorescent, holographic, or iridescent.
· Foil complex substrates to perfection with Foils-online.
· Transform ordinary stationery to luxurious creations.
· Incorporate a metallic touch for sleek luxury to packaging and leather!

The ultimate destination for hot foil printing enthusiasts! Visit:

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