Marvellous metallic brush pens

Posted by Rachel Westall on 9 December 2022

The edding 1340 Metallic brush pens are perfect pens for craft projects: ideal for designing guest books, birthday cards, Easter eggs, Christmas cards, scrapbooks and bullet journaling. The edding metallic brush pens can add great highlights to any creation thanks to their soft flexible nib and create a shiny effect for lettering, drawing, sketching and layout designs on both light and dark-coloured paper.

Metallic brush pens by edding The lustrous sheen adds sparkle to artwork and lettering - it's also odour-free and doesn't bleed through the paper. The 1mm-6mm wide nib is available in different colours: gold, silver, red metallic, green metallic, blue metallic and violet metallic. These colours are dissolved in a water-based ink and then passed through a filter system into the nib of the pen before being applied to the surface. Once applied, the shades are vibrant and cover well. The quick-drying colour is characterised by its high lightfastness making it easy for anyone to achieve brilliant results!

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