Big Colour Co new eco-friendly arts & craft ranges

Posted by Rachel Westall on 10 November 2022

Big Colour Co. is renowned for inspiring young artists both at home and in the classroom thanks to its extensive range of high-quality ready mixed paints that are manufactured in the UK. The brand is constantly innovating and evolving to suit the needs of its customer base and therefore, Brian Clegg, the company behind the Big Colour Co brand, has dedicated much of its recent product development to creating an eco-friendly paint range that's not only sustainable but that also matches the quality of Big Colour Co paints

Three Bamboo Pots by Paint Drops product and small paint brush Paintdrops™ are a completely one-of-a-kind, innovative way to paint. Each set includes six individual single-use paint pods that are simply dropped in water and stirred. The outer pod dissolves to create vibrant paint in various colours. The Paintdrops™ use only natural organic ingredients with no preservatives and can be mixed in the accompanying Paintdrops™ Bamboo pot for ease of use.

Emily Griffiths, Marketing Manager at Big Colour Co comments: "Paintdrops™ have been in our product development plans for a while and our brilliant team have worked hard to create a range that is wholly sustainable and plastic free. We know that there has been a huge demand for a product range like this and response from retailers has been extremely positive. The brand extensions are also infinite as going forward we look to diversify into more varied colour ranges as well as unique Paintdrops™ sets to offer more creative possibilities for young artists."

In addition to Paintdrops™, Big Colour Co has extended its ever-popular Bioglitter range with the addition of Bioglitter 30gram Single Bags which can be used to refill the Craft Bioglitter 40gram Single Jars. Available in 14 vibrant shades, Bioglitter® has been developed to tackle the problem of micro plastic pollution created by regular plastic glitter damaging our planet and marine habitats. It's made from plant-based cellulose, sustainably and ethically sourced raw materials which do not harm our planet or oceans.

Bioglitter Paint has also been added. The sparkly, high-quality paint is made from plants, not plastic and this new line extension gives young artists more sustainable and diverse creative possibilities. Available in eight colours, the paint is also packaged in recyclable bottles that can be recycled.

For further information, please visit or call 01706 666 620

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