Spectrum Noir unveils Colorista - for everyday creators

Posted by Rachel Westall on 25 August 2022

Spectrum Noir, the creator of premium but affordable art materials, is launching an exciting new lifestyle colouring sub-brand called Colorista. The brand, which has positivity, individuality and creativity at its core, will launch alongside its exclusive Make Your Mark social media campaign. Featuring a unique 10-week prompt programme of colourful fun, Make Your Mark aims to ignite inspiration and imagination among its diverse community. To join in the fun of the campaign, participants can interpret words such as ‘Rituals’ and ‘Happy’ and reflect this in a piece of work produced in their own individual styles. For a chance to feature on the brand’s social media channels, creators can tag @Colorista.offical and #MakeYourMark

artwork of lady in beret done with colorista felt tip Colorista's exclusive collection of products includes Art Markers, Glitter Markers, Paint Markers, Watercolour Markers, Fine Line Pens and Colouring Kits, designed to make every project stand out from the crowd. With juicy reds, sun-drenched yellows, balmy pastels and moody blues, Colorista's diverse pen sets embrace the joy and personality of every colour and all have a story to tell. Colorista will be available from 12 September on spectrumnoir.com and selected retailers such as Scrapbook.com in the US. Prices start from RRP £5.99.

flatlay of selection of felt tip products Sara Davies, Colorista brand ambassador, said: "Colorista isn't about achieving perfection, it's about giving people the tools to have fun and express themselves and we're really proud of the vibrant community that we've created with this in mind. "The products in Colorista's collection are very much everyday products for everyday people - it just so happens that they're excellent quality! So, whether you're just letting your mind and pen wander with some doodling, adding a bit of colour to your shopping list or weekly tasks, or experimenting with different mediums and surfaces for a new project, there's something for everyone."

Colorista's Make Your Mark campaign starts on 12th September and runs until 27th November, 2022. For the chance to have work featured on Colorista's social media pages, simply tag @Colorista.offical in any finished creations and use #MakeYourMark

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