Trotec brings laser expertise to a town near you

Posted by Kelly Andrews on 10 August 2022

Group of women enjoying the Trotec roadshow Market-leading manufacturer of laser technology, Trotec Laser, is once again hitting the road and bringing their laser roadshows to a town near you.

An appointment at a Trotec roadshow is often the first step to seeing what businesses could achieve with high-end production tools. Trotec experts will be in Aberdeen and Hemel Hempstead in September, followed by Belfast in October and Chelmsford in November, ready to offer businesses a complete overview of everything needed to be successful with laser processing.

Why attend the roadshow?

The use of lasers for craft gifts is very popular, but not all lasers are created equally. In a market where competition is fierce, you need a cutting edge to stand out against competitors. Trotec laser machines are the perfect tool for this. During your tailored 90-minute roadshow appointment, Trotec laser experts will show you everything you need to know about how to take the next step for your business.

Some of the key focuses for craft business when laser processing include upgrading standard products with a cost-effective customisation solution, turning ideas into tangible products in minutes and seeing guaranteed productivity with laser. A roadshow appointment not only allows businesses to see what is possible with a Trotec laser system, it allows them to compare the performance of a Trotec laser with existing equipment.

Visitors are encouraged to not only bring their own materials, but also their own files, as this allows real-time and quality examples to be provided, providing accurate information for the decision-making process. If you are serious about helping your business reach new heights, a roadshow appointment is the first step on that journey.

Appointments are available on a first come first served basis. To reserve your place at the roadshow contact Trotec today on +44 (0)191 580 1182 or email, or register your interest for one of the events using the following links: Aberdeen, Hemel Hempstead, Belfast, Chelmsford

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