November 15th revealed as the UK’s most popular day for crafts

Posted by Rachel Westall on 4 November 2021

With Halloween now around the corner, arts and crafts enthusiasts are set to scour the internet for the most original “DIY” pieces to show off, and certain days of the year feel craftier than others, a new study has found. 

The study, conducted by Design Bundles found that last year Halloween, with an average of 14,800 searches per month, was the second most popular holiday based on the volume of internet searches for crafts inspired by the event, second only to Christmas, which received 18,100 monthly searches.  

Craftiest days of the year infographic The study also compared the searches for crafts inspired by the most popular holidays on Google Trends, finding that November 15th was the craftiest day of 2020, with the highest volume for 'Christmas crafts' searches.

Halloween crafts come again in second place, with October 26th seeing the most searches for "Halloween crafts", followed by February 10th, when searches for both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year crafts are popular. March 28th ranks as the fourth craftiest day of the year, as arts and crafts enthusiasts search for Easter and Palm Sunday crafts, while March 10th comes in fifth thanks to searches for Mother's Day crafts.

A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented: "As the holiday season approaches, the data shows that we are entering the craftiest time of the year, and the search volumes prove that Christmas is indeed 'the most wonderful time of the year' when it comes to crafting. Halloween however stands its ground as one of the most popular days for crafting, and it is interesting to see that last year's searches for Halloween crafts were incredibly high, so 2021 could be another bumper year for spooky crafting." The research was carried out by Design Bundles, which provides a high-quality and professional marketplace for premium and affordable design resources.


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