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A look back on Photocentric’s Covid-19 journey

Posted by Rachel Westall on 7 October 2020

The year 2020 has certainly not been the year anyone expected. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected businesses and individuals in ways no one could predict, and yet, despite continual challenges Photocentric has remained operational throughout.

A look back on Photocentric’s Covid-19 journey The company pulled out all the stops as a team to make that happen. There have been a series of internal challenges, including implementing new social distancing guidelines within a production setting, plus a range of external challenges, such as successfully securing products from long term suppliers throughout lockdown, and the sheer determination of the workforce made it possible.

While the company's craft business swiftly adapted to maintain manufacturing levels to fulfil the continuing needs of its loyal customers, the 3D printing business completely transformed overnight. After winning a prestigious contract to supply the NHS with 7.7 million face shields, Photocentric created a large-scale print farm hosting 45 of its LC Magna printers to produce more than 50,000 3D printed parts per day. As things begin to settle down, the team are reflecting on this journey and feeling proud of their achievements, whilst looking forward to new challenges in the future.

If you're planning a new project please get in touch with Photocentric's Craft team to discuss it in more detail or visit the website www.photocentricgroup.com

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