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The individualisation megatrend

Posted by Rachel Westall on 13 August 2020

With laser technology becoming one of the main methods of production for many companies, it's no surprise that personalisation of products has become a lucrative source of income for companies. A laser machine makes the personalisation process quick and efficient, with names, logos and more produced in the blink of an eye. An example of this is offering personalisation within a retail setting. John Lewis previously used laser machines to personalise Quality Street lids as part of its Christmas campaign. The efficiency of the technology made it easy to quickly personalise different names in a time-sensitive environment. 

The individualisation megatrend: Image 1 Increased revenue with personalisation
From start-up businesses to established global companies, personalisation has become an increasingly popular service to offer. This trend is largely due to the added value that personalisation brings for customers.

When a business chooses to integrate a new service the cost-effectiveness of the service will play a large part in the decision, with factors such as potential profitability and cost of investment in new technology among the most important points for consideration.

Laser engraving can transform an everyday object into a special gift for any occasion, allowing the supplier or retailer to charge a higher price than a mass-market alternative. Generally speaking, a personalised item can be sold for between five and ten times more than a standard product, meaning a business which decides to offer personalisation can start generating additional revenue immediately.

While there are alternative methods available, using a laser engraving machine to personalise products offers unbeatable accuracy for mass market personalisation, with each personalised engraving guaranteed to be of equal quality. A laser engraver also offers a broad scope to expand on existing product ranges, with everything from metals, plastics and even textiles capable of being personalised in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Common examples of best-selling personalised items include photo frames, stationery, pens, reusable drinking bottles, glassware, clothing and even jewellery. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

The individualisation megatrend: Image 2 How are costs for personalisation calculated?
When calculating the costs for laser engraving, the three factors which need to be considered are the artwork to be processed, the material being processed and the actual engraving time. Laser engraving machines offer the advantage of enabling a design to be easily replicated no matter how complex it appears, with anything from a simple name to a detailed company logo and beyond possible.

The Trotec solution for personalisation
Trotec offers a range of laser machines for personalising products. Starting from the entry level desktop Rayjet to the new Speedy 400, Trotec lasers are designed for fast and efficient production, allowing businesses to begin generating income from the minute the machine is installed.

Trotec's range of engravable materials includes a selection of carefully developed engravable gifts which help to ensure the best quality engraving results. The range includes brightly coloured stainless steel drinking bottles and hip flasks, linen notebooks, photo frames and more.

To find out more about how to introduce personalisation in your business, call Trotec on +44 (0)191 580 1182 or go to www.troteclaser.co.uk. The engravable gifts range is available to buy at www.engraving-supplies.co.uk.

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