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Snow Windows and Home Start Charity to Join Kirstie Allsopp for mini-series

Posted by Rachel Westall on 8 June 2020

Kirstie Allsopp will be hosting a week long mini-series live on YouTube; in aid of Home Start's Emergency Appeal Fund for COVID 19. The first of her creative friends, Tom Baker of Snow Windows, launches the series on Monday 8th June at 8pm. Tom, and partner Keri,  will be chatting to Kirstie about snow in June, all things creative, family life, home-schooling and music.

Snow Windows and Home Start Charity to Join Kirstie Allsopp for mini-series: Image 1 Home-Start UK is a family support charity that works across the UK, helping families when they most need it, with the assistance of volunteers providing non-judgemental support. Peter Grigg, CEO of Home-Start UK explains: "Coronavirus has placed the greatest strain on families who are already vulnerable, including those already isolated, facing financial hardship and mental health challenges. Some parents are struggling to get the nappies or food they need for their newborn babies, isolated at home with no one to help them through the first uncertain weeks. It can be tough." He adds, "For many children, school is where they get their main meal of the day. Some families already under pressure now have to unexpectedly provide food throughout the day."

Home-Start has stepped in, with over 200 local independent Home-Starts working in 71 per cent of local authority areas across the UK, to deliver their emergency appeal fund, providing emotional and physical support to families:
- ensuring families have milk, nappies and supplies for their babies
- delivering food parcels to those who are self-isolating
- being there, online, to listen and to talk to parents

This mini-series with Kirstie Allsopp, one of Home Start UK’s ambassadors, will help to raise awareness of this vital work and Home-Start UK welcomes donations to keep these services running over the coming weeks. Tom said, “Snow Windows were very happy to design a Christmas card with Kirstie for Home-Start in 2019. Having met their team last year, we were looking at ways to support them and raise funds, now when isolating families need them the most. I will be sharing some sketches on Monday for them to raffle, plus I will create some scenes live on the show to inspire creativity during lockdown. I have kept busy through creating art and music, and will share some of that on Monday evening.”

Tom will join the show with his signature snow spray and his guitar to share a new song he has written, inspired by Captain Tom Moore and lockdown - 'Sending out a Rainbow'. Families of all ages are invited to get involved by sharing photos of their own crafty creations using #AtHomeWithHomeStart and tagging in @homestartuk on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with some shared live by Kirstie during the show and to donate via Home-Start’s Just Giving page.

The live shows 'Kirstie & Friends LIVE' will run from 8th-12th June 2020 at 8pm with a range of crafting and parenting experts joining Kirstie for a chat.

For further information,visit: www.home-start.org.uk/kirstie-allsopp-going-live-for-home-start-uk