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Social media matters

Posted by Rachel Westall on 25 May 2020

Melissa Davin-Smith, founder of Creative Craft Supplies, discusses the impact of social media on her business and how the likes of Facebook and Instagram Stories have been key to the company's success

Social media matters: Image 1 Which platforms does Creative Craft Supplies currently use?
We use Facebook and Instagram, and we also have a thriving Facebook group where we are posting and interacting daily with our fans, answering questions and offering advice.

Has social media changed the way the company promotes its products?
Absolutely – and our success wouldn't have happened without it. We use Facebook re-targeting adverts, and cold lookalike adverts to great effect. The rise of social media enables us to get in front of our specific target market quickly and effectively, which is needed with a visual product range like ours.

Do you think these platforms will be instrumental in driving the brand forward?
Yes, definitely. We are looking to expand out into YouTube tutorials, as well as adding more videos to our social media and increasing our visibility is a high priority in quarter two of this year.

Do you have any advice for budding craft entrepreneurs?
Be consistent and know your target market inside out. It took us five years to grow our business to where it is now, and we couldn't do this unless we were consistently posting on social media - twice a day. Engaging our target market, giving them what they want (which we find out via surveys) and keeping our ear to the ground for up and coming new products.

Which channels would you recommend?
I highly recommend Facebook, and definitely Instagram stories. Get your brand out there by showing up, sharing your customers photos/makes, and have good offers. Also, an email list is absolutely essential. We get three times as many orders on the day our weekly offer goes out to our email list, which proves that e-mail marketing is still thriving if written correctly.

For further information about the company, visit https://creativecraftsupplies.co.uk/

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