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The English Stamp Company Drawing Competition 2020

Posted by Rachel Westall on 11 April 2020

We are all without doubt, looking forward to life getting back to 'normal' but we're pretty sure each one of you will have one thing in particular that you are looking forward to more than anything else. The English Stamp Company has made just that as the theme of its competition: 'I can't wait to...'

The English Stamp Company Drawing Competition 2020: Image 1b Perhaps there is a particular place you want to visit, a friend or family member you can't wait to see, an event you can't wait to celebrate, a sport you can't wait to play, a dinner party you can't wait to host. What ever it is, The English Stamp Company would love you to share yours in the form of an illustration.
Over the next few weeks, The English Stamp Company will enjoy picking its favourites to turn into stamps and post to the winners!All entrants will be rewarded with a 10% discount code!

The English Stamp Company Drawing Competition 2020: Image 2 YOU WILL NEED
A plain, smooth sheet of white paper
A fine, black felt tip pen or biro

Tag The English Stamp Company in a post of your drawing on Instagram or post a picture on its Facebook page. This competition is open to all ages, young and old! If you are entering a child's drawing, please add their age and name.

Instagram is @enlishstamp
Facebook is @TheEnglishStampCompany

Use the full page - drawing large scale works best.
If you want to draw in pencil first, go over your final image in black pen and rub out any unwanted lines.
If you add text, make sure it's clear and not too small.
The English Stamp Company will shrink your drawing down so think about how that will translate. Shading may look good but when it's shrunk down to stamp size, it could just look black.
Be inspired by artists and designers but make sure your final piece is your own work.