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Craft Report focuses on consumer and social change

Craft Report focuses on consumer and social change: Image 1 The results of the Craft Report 2020 were revealed at CHSI Stitches last week, focusing on consumer and social change and the impact on audience growth. The research, commissioned by ICHF, is gathered via interviews, focus groups and questionnaires, with a combined sample of over 3,000 crafters across the UK.

The report was delivered at CHSI Stitches by Linda Jones of Linda Jones & Associates, who explains: "This year The Craft Report research shows that although there has been a nine per cent downturn in consumer spending over the last year, the crafting audience has grown by half a million crafters over the past three years, and now includes as many under 35s as over 65s. It's likely that this market hasn't reached saturation point yet, as craft is increasingly becoming more socially desirable, medically endorsed and community based."

The report suggests that the key to future successes lies in adapting to this new reality, where over 80 per cent now shop for supplies online, 47 per cent use social media for inspiration and more than four in five are concerned about sustainability, plastic waste and over-packaging."

Read the full show report in the April/May issue of Craft Focus.