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ExaClair launches new Rhodia artist range

ExaClair launches new Rhodia artist range: Image 1 ExaClair has launched Rhodia Touch, the brand's first collection targeted at designers, calligraphers, architects and illustrators, with a range of on-the-go books and sketchpads featuring fine art papers.

Products include a marker pad for alcohol inks, and the Maya pad, which is ideal for pencilwork, graph liners and nib drawings. Its tough surfaces are resistant to scratches and erasing marks, allowing ink to dry quickly.

There's also the Bristol book, featuring ultra-fine paper that's well-suited to precision drawing, and the Carb'ON book, ideal for high contrast effects. One side of the paper has a fine grain, while the other is smooth, creating an ideal space for dry drawing. The Calligrapher book and pad is made from natural Simili Japon, a lustrous ivory paper that's perfect for India ink. The range includes pen and inkwash paper, a light-grained drawing material best used for line drawing in pencil, charcoal, ink, gouache and nib-work.

Clement Rouillard, marketing manager at ExaClair, says the new range is already had a promising response. "This premium range features extremely versatile and exceptionally high-quality products that have already received positive feedback from customers within the creative industry, giving us the confidence that this range will perform well." 

Find out more at www.exaclairlimited.co.uk