Crafting makes the UK happy, survey reveals

Crafting makes the UK happy, survey reveals: Image 1 New research by has revealed that baking is regarded as the UK's happiest hobby, followed by knitting and photography. The findings were discovered when the online craft community surveyed 5,000 members of the public ahead of 'Blue Monday' – the day in January that's claimed to be the most depressing of the year due to a combination of factors like weather, debt levels and time elapsed since Christmas.

The study aimed to find out which hobbies are the best mood boosters. Other crafts in the top 10 include painting, cross stitch, upcycling and making clothes. More than half of respondents said their chosen hobby made them feel relaxed, while one in five enjoyed a boost to their self esteem.

"Life is already a balancing act, and some people might wonder why you would want to pursue hobbies on top of this," says Edward Griffith, founder of "However, there are so many benefits to taking up a hobby, with science substantiating the positive impact they have, both physically and mentally. Some are obvious, but there are also hidden benefits, like the opportunity to practice mindfulness and make new friends."