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tesa meets the environmental challenge

tesa meets the environmental challenge: Image 1 Adhesive manufacturer tesa has shifted its focus towards producing environmentally friendly stationery and craft essentials with its tesa ecoLogo range. The company is one of the first in the adhesive technology sector to produce innovative, environmentally friendly solutions to meet consumer demand.

The ecoLogo range is solvent-free and mainly made from recycled or bio-based materials, minimising the use of limited resources like crude oil. Products include glue rollers, sticks, stamps and dispensers. A conscious effort has been made to ensure that each produced has a reduced carbon footprint at each stage of its lifecycle.

"By focusing on developing sustainable solutions, tesa is delivering a competitive advantage in a demanding application area," says Phil Johnson, key account manager. "We're proud to be the first manufacturer to have been awarded the DIN CERCO certification seal for two of our products."

Find out more at www.tesa.co.uk