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Eugenio Gabarro supplies leather cord to the craft sector

Posted by Andrea Ashfield on 14 August 2019

Eugenio Gabarro supplies leather cord to the craft sector: Image 1 Spanish manufacturer Eugenio Gabarró offers a range of leather cords that can be used in craft, fashion and décor projects. The family-owned company was founded 50 years ago in Barcelona, a city with a long tradition in the manufacture of leather products. Around 60 per cent of the firm's products are exported to the UK, France, Germany, US and other countries.

Gabarró's round leather cords are available in a range of diameters, from 1mm to 10mm. There's a range of styles, including braided, moulded cowhide, split leather and nautical. Each comes in a selection of sizes and thicknesses.

Buyers can also choose from different colours and finishes, including metallic options in gold, silver and copper. The company has also developed a new technique which makes the leather shine by itself.

Gabarro's leather cord can be used for everything from jewellery-making to the creation of fashion accessories. It's also used throughout the arts, footwear and table linen sectors. For details, go to www.eugeniogabarro.com