The LinkedIn Effect

Posted by Danielle Harvey on 15 December 2023

Kayleigh Gresty, founder of Kreate Socials talks to us about how networking on LinkedIn can be beneficial to your business

image of person on phone lots of social media icons Are you a business owner looking to grow your presence on social media? Whether you want to grow your engagement or want to increase sales, social media can be seriously overwhelming, so to begin with, just focus on one, until you get to grips with this.

For me, it's all about LinkedIn, I love LinkedIn! You'll catch me on LinkedIn all day, everyday! But can everyone have an account? How do you succeed on LinkedIn? Yes, there are over 875 million users on LinkedIn, so it's all about creating value in your posts, becoming influential and building a community.

Personal brand
Do you want to go from being highly connected to highly influential? You need to start building your personal brand. But what is a personal brand? It's like when you see clothing, and you know who it is because the brand is so well known... so with a personal brand, you want to build yours so that when someone is in need of the service you offer, everyone knows to recommend you!

You need to start talking to your connections about what you know, becoming an expert in your field and giving them something they can take away from you. I don't just mean messaging your connections and having a chat... oh no! I mean posting and consistently posting, so you build a community and a name for yourself on a platform of other business owners just like you.

But how can you provide value?
You can share your tips and tricks, to help those who are just starting out. You can share your personal experiences, to show you're only human. You can add humour to your posts, to show your personality. All of these things will help you to become influential on a platform such as LinkedIn. But you need to do more than just post - you need to engage. Engaging with those on the platform, whether they're your audience or people you follow, is so important.

Building a community you engage with regularly could be the difference between gaining a new client or not... the more people you build relationships with the more people you know that may recommend you or your business!

Make sure you're searching for others in your field, engaging with your target audience, and just showing up in the comment section. Always make sure you respond to all of the comments on your post, and never leave a DM unread.

Building relationships on this platform is incredibly important. If you consistently show up, ensure you're providing value and always engage with your audience you have a recipe for success on this platform! So why not start now? Become the reason people want to log on to LinkedIn in the morning.

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