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Helping you fight stains

Posted by Rachel Westall on 18 May 2020

Craft Focus goes Stateside as we chat to US company Amodex. The family company has remained strong and is still fully operating during these unfamiliar times

Helping you fight stains: Image 1 How did your company start; what was the aim when it was launched? What was the response?
In 1957, our grandfather Peter created a solution to remove stubborn ink from his hands at the end of long days in the printing industry. He soon realized that his formula removed all types of ink and stains from clothing, too. The response to Amodex has always been one of great surprise. It's rare to find a stain remover that actually works, and once we were endorsed by the makers of Sharpie, that we do indeed remove Sharpie, word of mouth has been our best friend!

How often do you launch new lines and what are your best-selling designs?
Initially, not too often. Our main focus in decades past was just building our brand. With a new facility and increased production capabilities recently, we have numerous ideas that we are finally able to bring to market. The first was the Stain Swipe- a towelette on-the-go cleaner released five years ago. Very soon we will be releasing our Traveller size, with a built-in cleaning brush that we are very excited about!Of course, our best seller is the 1oz bottle. People really love that twist cap for direct dispensing.

Helping you fight stains: Image 2 How have you found life in lockdown; how are you planning for the future of your business?
Life in lockdown is much the same for us. As a family business located not far from NYC, we enacted quarantine measures very quickly. With only the five family members running the whole business, it was paramount we all look out for each other, so we have an oddly beneficial situation that it is just us in our facility every day. Home and work only- but the bonus is we go home to our own houses and partners who work from home, so we are all blessed to not be getting too stir crazy!
Our biggest challenge to navigate this ever-changing landscape was of course monitoring our supply chain. As makers of a soap product, we were deemed essential right at the beginning and we wanted to make sure all of our vendors would have ample supply. It's a daily task that keeps us on our toes, but our commitment to sourcing only from the USA has proven to be very beneficial in this situation specifically.
Fur further information, visit www.amodexink.com