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Business as usual in Germany

Posted by Rachel Westall on 15 May 2020

Craft Focus speaks to German company Zweigart and hears about how it has stayed strong during the current pandemic.

Business as usual in Germany: Image 1 How did your company start; what was the aim when it was launched?
What was the response?ZWEIGART was founded in 1877, so we're a company with a great and long history. The company was founded for the production of high quality needlework fabrics and this is still what we do 143 years later. ZWEIGART is famous and renowned for its quality and one-of-a-kind range in more than 70 countries around the world.

Business as usual in Germany: Image 2 How often do you launch new lines and what are your best-selling designs?
We launch two fabric collections a year: one in spring and one in autumn where we constantly introduce new fabrics, colours and design booklets. AIDA and Evenweaves are our bestselling fabrics, but also Linens and canvas ranges are quite strong!

How have you found life in lockdown; how are you planning for the future of your business?
The production of ZWEIGART was not directly affected by the lockdown, we're operating normally - but most of the retail customers were closed for a few weeks, many of them re-opening now around 1st May (in Germany).
ZWEIGART's business is stable and strong and we can guarantee supplies and a quick service. The perspective for the needlework business is rather positive and stitching seems be quite in trend during these times.
For further information, visit www.zweigart.de/?lang=en