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Embroidery Fabrics
High Quality - 100 % Made in Germany

As a traditional enterprise with full-fl edged production, we’ve put our passion into developing and producing high-grade needlework fabrics and damasks – since 1877. Made in Germany is the principle we’ve worked under and taken great pride in since the very outset. The high-grade, easy-care materials are produced exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Germany. The name ZWEIGART® stands for top quality: We have been specializing in developing fabrics which meet the highest quality standards for over 140 years. We off er a range of products that’s unique worldwide and sets itself apart with its wide array of different qualities, choice of counts and fashionable colours. Our fabrics are available in over 70 countries worldwide and are used by numerous well known designers and manufacturers for their projects.

Our well-known trademark is the "Orange Line" - an orange-coloured thread in the selvedge of all ZWEIGART® fabrics. This is the sign for best quality, i.e. state-of-the-art fabrics that are colour-fast, easy-care and absolutely precise in the weaving. We offer a unique choice of embroidery fabrics and colors which are 100 % Made in Germany.


Categories: Cross Stitch, Fabrics, Needlecraft, Textiles


Cross Stitch


Creative ideas give inspirations for trendy DIY projects with embroidery. Thanks to the unique versatility of ZWEIGART® fabrics in countless colours, your own creativity knows no bounds. Little A5 booklets with ideas and instructions on various themes make it easy to get beautiful results – even for beginners.




All embroidery is based on needlework fabrics, upon which any desired embroidery technique can be put into practice. They have a clear surface structure and are square, so that warp and weft thread count is always exactly the same. The most important feature of ZWEIGART® needlework fabrics is its outstanding countability, which is achieved by high-precision weaving. This is especially important for cross-stitch motifs. Embroidery on needlework fabrics usually involves counting, that is, the embroidery is done with one to two mesh threads. Nearly all of our needlework fabrics have a firm finish, making it easy to embroider even without a frame. The fabrics get soft after being washed, but they may also shrink a bit – this should be kept in mind.