Craft Focus - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 94)

 SEARCH PRESS In Restyle & Restitch for Little Ones, you’ll find 30 sewing projects for creating stylish baby clothes, from newborns to two-year-olds, including trousers, dresses, sweaters, mittens, rompers and socks. The projects are accompanied by colourful, full-size patterns to help you make the most of your repurposed clothing. You will discover how best to change the size of any of the patterns in the book to suit your own child’s measurements, and how to choose the most appropriate clothing to use rather than convert, taking into account the young wearer’s safety. The projects are complemented by gorgeous photographs of the author’s own children and their friends modelling the restyled outfits, and by Linnea’s extra hints and tips for making the most of your well-worn items. +44 (0)1892 510 850 CHECKER DISTRIBUTORS Cool pins are just that – cool! They are heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit so you can iron over them without melting the tip of the pin or burning your finger. The large pinheads are easy to grasp and manipulate – perfect for all ages. And since the tips of the Cool Pins are colourful, they’re easy to spot and remove. Cool pins are sharp and fine. 50 pins come in a reusable storage box. They’re available in three colours: Gypsy Purple, Bohemian Blue and Fortune Fuchsia. +1 800 537 1060 KNITTING FEVER These beautiful needles and hooks are handcrafted and assembled in a scenic region of Kathmandu, Nepal. The production routines don’t rely on mechanised automation. Instead, these products benefit from the skilled and graceful human touch of the skilled Nepalese craftspeople. As global demand is increasing for such products, this community of skilled workers is growing too, expanding output capacity. The company is happy and proud to support the growth and development of the local economy in Nepal. Revenue from the sale of LYKKE Crafts products also serves to Make Happy in that community through varied benefit programmes for the workers, their children, and the community. These 5in Interchangeable Needle Sets include 12 pairs of needle tips (3.5mm to 12mm), five cords (2 x 60cm, 2 x 80cm, 1 x 100cm), two cord connectors, four keys, and eight stoppers – neatly packaged inside one of the signature Lykke vegan fabric needle cases. 63 MAKING CLOTHES AT HOME