Craft Focus - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 94)

CHECKER DISTRIBUTORS Clamp this handy cup and accessory holder to your tabletop to keep your drink and sewing tools close by without taking up valuable space on your sewing table. The handy removable bag keeps your work area free of scraps and clippings. The silicone rubber-sleeved clamp installs easily and protects all work surfaces – including wood. The rust-proof metal frame holds coffee mugs, cups, bottles and even spray starch – which means you need one for your sewing area and one for your ironing station! It’s available in purple and white. +1 800 537 1060 VIRIDIAN Viridian is pleased to introduce the new range of Opal self-patterning 8ply sock yarn Winter Wonderland available in six fabulous shades. This Opal range is perfect for the colder months and is sure to keep your toes toasty this winter. Opal is the home of limited addition self-pattering sock yarn made of 75 per cent virgin wool and 25 per cent polyamide it’s hard wearing yet gentle to delicate skin, perfect for both little ones and the more mature skin. Don’t forget that Opal is perfect for not only socks but also makes beautiful baby clothes along with an abundance of other garments. HAWTHORN HANDMADE The perfect combination of a love for dressmaking and crafts – share your passion for sewing on your lapel with this sewing machine felt craft brooch. SEARCH PRESS The fashion industry is the second biggest environmental polluter on the planet. Every year, over 350,000 tonnes of clothing is sent to landfill in the UK just under 14 million tonnes in the US much of it owing to fast fashion. Furthermore, it’s estimated that many of us wear only 20 per cent of our wardrobe regularly, with the other 80 per cent languishing in our wardrobes unworn, or worse contributing to those ever-growing landfill figures. We urgently need to find alternative, more sustainable approaches that allow us to have the stylish wardrobes we crave without hurting our planet. The techniques you learn in The Re:Fashion Wardrobe by Portia Lawrie is one of those alternatives. Learn how to alter or create entirely new garments from pre-loved clothes or forgotten fabrics that are not only chic but don’t cost the earth. Beginning with advice on equipment, fabrics and how to source your clothes for refashioning, Portia Lawrie will then take you step-by-step through a collection of 11 garments that she’s reworked, showing you just how easy it is to refresh or drastically change any piece of clothing you come across. +44 (0)1892 510 850 62