Craft Focus - February/March 2022 (Issue 89)

44 product that’s original to Pixelhobby UK. Compiled from six stand-alone magnet kits that seamlessly connect together to form a bigger picture, Magnet Collections were designed to be a collaborative project to get people pixelling together! Talk us through the current products you’re particularly excited about. Do you have a favourite? It has been so exciting for us to use our new website to showcase our full product range! One thing I’m really excited about is our growing range of personalised kits, ranging from name plaques to pixel pictures created from personal photos. As Pixelhobby UK’s Designer, I love getting to turn pictures that mean so much to people into beautiful craft kits. I also love our ever-growing collection of magnet kits. The Penguin Mini Magnet Kit in particular holds a special place in my heart. Before we had our digital software, I used to manually design our magnet kits by freestyle pixelling. The Penguin Mini Magnet Kit was the first design I ever made for Pixelhobby UK, and it continues to be one of our bestsellers. Do your products suit all levels of crafters? Absolutely! One of the things we pride ourselves on at Pixelhobby UK is that it is really simple to achieve a finished pixel picture that looks exactly like the one on the packaging. It really is as easy as pulling pixels off a pixelsquare and placing them on a baseplate following a pattern! We have two sizes of pixels, standard and XL (four times larger), meaning pixel projects can be tailored to the size that suits you best. Our vast range of products mean there’s something for everyone, with our keyring and magnet kits providing the perfect introduction to Pixelhobby and our larger kits being suited to those that are looking for a detailed, long-term craft project. Our larger kits are broken down in to 4in x 5in plates which are built up four pixel colours at time, making it easy to gradually create a pixelated work of art! Craft has boomed over the last year! Have you noticed any new trends? One thing I’ve noticed is that the craft industry is definitely becoming a lot more mindful about crafting sustainably. As crafters, we’ve always been great at transforming other people’s waste into a new creative project and I’ve definitely seen an uptake in people reusing things they already have to create something new. It’s great that as we enjoy crafting we can also help the planet! We’re particularly invested in green crafting at Pixelhobby UK. Our