Craft Focus - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 94)

65 PROFILE Do your products suit all levels of crafters? Faber intends to provide an exclusive space for sellers who produce highquality, handmade goods. We’re predominately seeking experienced artisans but would also welcome makes from mid-level crafters if their products are unique and/ or place an emphasis on sustainability/ ethical manufacturing. Craft has boomed over the last year! Have you noticed any new trends? How do you do trend research? We currently keep up with industry trends through competitor analysis, keyword research, industry trend blogs, social media, and the news. How often do you launch new ranges? Our product ranges are controlled by our artisans, and therefore change daily. Presently, our business model is subscription-based, which we anticipate will generate most of the company income during this early development phase. In addition to subscription revenue, Faber will collect sales commissions from traded products. How would you advise an artisan who is interested in using Faber as a marketplace? How would they benefit? Rather than chasing sales on competitive platforms, why not join an exclusive marketplace built for the genuine artisan? Faber provides an exclusive space for talented craftspeople from all disciplines; we focus on high-quality, handmade goods and say no to resellers and wholesalers - maximising the selling opportunities for genuine creators. We take care of the technical side of running an online store so that you can focus on creating beautiful products. With minimal competition on the site and farreaching print and digital campaigns, we strive to give your products the greatest odds of being discovered by buyers. What sets you apart from similar sites? Our online handmade marketplace is built exclusively for the genuine artisan. Through our careful selection process, we strive to give our members far greater visibility than they would experience on similar platforms. Faber isn’t only a marketplace, but a marketing platform; we work collaboratively with our vendors to create effective campaigns and drive traffic to the site and individual stores (particularly for vendors with Partner and Affiliate memberships). We also place emphasis on onboarding vendors who specialise in creating ecofriendly, ethical, and heritage crafts. Do you visit any trade shows? Do you plan to visit any soon? This September, Faber visited local artisan events such as the wellattended Melbourne Festival and the Trentham Gardens Artisan Fair. We’ll also be travelling to RHS Wisley, Surrey, in November, where there are over 150 Artisans exhibiting, as well as the Welbeck Show in Nottinghamshire. In doing so, we’ve gained valuable insights into the competitive landscape and met many new talented sellers from across the country. What are you looking forward to most over the next year? Over the next year, we look forward to continuing to build awareness of the Faber brand. We’ll be listening to and working collaboratively with our artisans to work towards a future where Faber is considered the real home of quality UK craftspeople and makers - offering authentic products and supporting local economies. FABER ARTISANS