Craft Focus - June/July 2022 (Issue 91)

HIMALAYAN SALT 180G VeGaN FrIeNdLy HaNdMaDe In ThE Uk B aT h BoMb S www.anc ientwi sdom.b i z care@anc ientwi sdom.b i z +44 (0)1142 729 165 The Wholesaler UK is open 24/7/365 for retailers looking for suppliers. 01608 662 298 Trade shows are back, but we never closed! Visit our website or contact us to find out how to book your “virtual” stand and take advantage of our trial listings. 1000s of product photos Detailed at-a-glance information on suppliers. Save your favourite suppliers for future visits The directory is still free to use - no registration. All listings are thoroughly vetted. We only list UK-based wholesalers What’s New? What’s Not New? Conta ct you r loca l Cygnet stockist or f i nd on www. cygnetya rns. com SERIOUSLY GOOD FUN WITH OUR SERIOUSLY CHUNKY RANGES Magnificently thick for those statement quick knit projects. They are the perfect super chunky yarn for big crochet project you’ll love curling up with! Available in Prints, shiny Metallics & Majestic glitters.