Craft Focus - April/May 2022 (Issue 90)

52 Leather revolution Alícia Gabarró from the Export Department at Eugenio Gabarro S.L. talks to Craft Focus exclusively about their quality leather products Tell us a little bit about the company. Where are you based? When did the company start? Eugenio Gabarro began in 1967 in Igualada-Barcelona. Founded by Antoni Gabarró, the firm specialized in 2.5mm round leather cord in three basic colours: black, brown and natural. Two decades later it was taken over by Eugeni Gabarró and his wife, Montse Solà. With them came the colour revolution, with the manufacturing of more than 500 items in different tones and finishes. Currently, at Eugenio Gabarró, we’re able to produce any colour in round leather cord, from 1mm to 10mm diameter, in a great assortment of finishes. We can manufacture all kinds of cut leather: flat, braided, stitched and even customise products for our customer’s requirements. Also, four years ago we launched Leatherhug Belts, – specialising in buckled handmade leather belts. Our knowledge of leather allows us to make these special belts completely customised. Recently, we introduced our new leather handle Nanbag, These are top-quality leather handles, which you can add to your bag by simply screwing it on. The easiest way to have your quality handle in your own design. After 55 years, we continue to be a family business that has such passion for leather, for detail and for excellent workmanship. What’s your background and why did you start the company? After finishing my studies and working in several companies dedicated to export, I missed the world of leather. Eight years ago, I decided to return home and promote the international market. Currently we work with more than 50 countries. Exporting more than 60 per cent of our production. How has the company evolved? We have grown in all areas: in know-how, in technology, in people, in quality, in installations. Even our passion for leather and quality grows every day What do you specialise in? We specialise in round leather. We make it in sizes 1mm to 10mm, which is also known as Regaliz (Liquorice). We can make any colour required and in any finish. All our products are made in our factory located in Igualada-Barcelona, with high quality European leather. Talk us through the current products you’re particularly excited about. Do you have a favourite? We’re really excited about Nanbag, our leather handles. We’ve been making leather handles for years but with Nanbag we bring them to another level. Currently, there are two available models (Cuki and Click), which are lovely. We’re already working on new designs to make your bag creations bright. Do your products suit all levels of crafters? Our products can be used in many sectors. Leather is easy and nice to work with and can adapt to any idea you may have. Craft has boomed over the last year! Have you noticed any new trends? Of course! Our slogan is imagination with