Craft Focus - April/May 2022 (Issue 90)

50 the range but now has over 10 ranges, 68 products and 12 superior quality papers. It’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone with Artgecko Sketchbooks. The range caters to all abilities too – from beginner right through to professional artists. We try to give inspiration to our loyal community through our social media ArtClub programme which is free to everyone and available 24/7 from any mobile device. UCpS4lT3l73ckI7IBtfsbvvA What new products are you currently excited about? With so many different products in our various brands and ranges I will focus on Artgecko Sketchbooks as we have some exciting new innovations landing this year – Artgecko Sketchbook PRO Tiles! They are 148mm square and Instagram posting perfection! The size makes them ideal for quick sketching, watercolour or paint markers on the go whilst fitting perfectly in your social media feed making it even easier to share your creations with the art community. Available in two paper types – white medium surface cartridge paper 300gsm/203Ibs and jet black medium surface card 200gsm/135Ibs. Do your products suit all levels of crafters? In short, yes! Our ranges have products which are suitable for crafters – Silvine sketchpads, scrapbooks and journals and Artgecko Sketchbooks with a wide variety of books to meet the needs of any crafter or artist. Craft has boomed over the last year! Have you noticed any new trends? We’ve seen an increase in journaling over the last year with people taking up bullet, sketch and mindful journaling which I can only see increasing over the next year too. As people become more self-aware of the benefits of mindfulness practise in their day-to-day lives it should form a part of a daily routine and habit and be around for the long-term. From an Artgecko Sketchbooks perspective; we’ve also spotted more shoppers trying something new to them – acrylic paint markers and specifically creating expressive ‘street art’ themed pieces of work. Our Freestyle and PRO Gecko Marker products cater perfectly to this audience as the paper has been intentionally developed for use with paint markers. We encourage personality, quirkiness and self-expression through creativity with Artgecko Sketch, it runs through the ethos of our brand, products and social media channels so it’s great to see that shoppers also like that about our brand too! How often do you launch new ranges? We’re continually developing new and existing ranges – this could be anything from a product improvement (e.g making a product more environmentally friendly or removing plastic), creating new product innovation such as our sketch tiles or hybrid papers for specialist usages (Freestyle sketchbook paper) or creating a brand-new range fit for a shopper purpose. Artgecko Sketch PRO Gecko pads were the latest edition to our ranges. We created the PRO sketchpad sub-brand as a versatile alternative to our twin wire bound sketchbooks and a way to showcase our #ArtgeckoGallery artists work on the covers.