Craft Focus - February/March 2022 (Issue 89)

VIRIDIAN The Clover Mini Iron is a small, light, and handy iron perfect for not only patchwork and quilt, but also for sewing and other various handcrafts. It features a safety cover, practical on/ off switch on the handle, pilot lamp and two-step heat control. Available separately are the interchangeable adaptable tips, consisting of a large iron tip (perfect for large projects), ball tip (for doll making and general crafting) and a slim line tip (perfect for seams or fabric folding projects). S&S HOME SUPPLIES LTD. T/A OLFA UK OLFA is responsible for creating some of the most innovative craft tools in the world and blades of unparalleled sharpness. When designing a new tool, the team at OLFA thoroughly researches existing solutions on the market. Next, it’s several years of development to ensure that the final product outperforms the competition, hands down. Finally, unlike most tool makers, OLFA manufactures everything in-house at its high-tech facilities in Japan, which guarantees meticulous quality. OLFA originally invented two of the most popular crafter’s tools used today. The first creation, in 1956, was the snap-off cutter. When the blade has lost its edge, users can snap off a section, just like a chocolate bar, to reveal a sharp edge again. It’s convenient, economical, and available in many handle styles to suit user preference. For general cutting, it’s a must. The second creation, in 1979, was the rotary cutter. This transformed the way people cut fabric. Since then, OLFA’s rotary cutters have evolved, now featuring ergonomic handles, specialist blade options and quick blade change functions. If you need pen-style control, try OLFA’s art knives, far superior to standard ones. They’re enhanced with comfort and convenience features and are equipped with precisionengineered blades. The self-healing cutting mats are yet another example of careful development. The surface is hard enough to prevent deep cuts but soft enough to cushion your blade as you cut, so both the mat and your blades last much longer. The OLFA armoury also includes wood carving knives, scissors, circle cutters and many other specialist tools. +44 (0)20 8204 1422 GROVES This set of rulers from the template and ruler experts, Sew Easy, is a must have for making clothes at home. Using this fantastic multifunctional tool makes drafting and altering patterns a breeze. Made from durable and flexible plastic with easy-to-use hanging holes. The product has clearly marked, high accuracy metric measurements, 10cm increments for easy reference. The smooth edges make it easy to use both sides. The five-piece set includes: an unprinted ruler for sleeve holes; an unprinted ruler for necklines; a printed ruler for variable curves; a printed ruler for hip; and a printed long square ruler. WILD SPIDER DESIGNS Easy to remove and reposition, not only is this roll excellent for masking with stamps, Stampers Roll can also be used with dies and electronic cutting machines to create stencils and masks, bringing crafters new and interesting ways of creating with inks. It’s available in 150mm x 5m rolls and has an RRP £8.99. +44 (0)7902 204 267 80