Craft Focus - February/March 2022 (Issue 89)

Tools of the trade Make light work of your projects with the useful, nifty products WILD SPIDER DESIGNS The Sticky Roll is specially designed for use with diecutting and electronic cutting machines, Sticky Roll enables the crafter to adhere intricate shapes quickly and cleanly, both saving time and giving that desired professional finish. Sticky Roll can also be used to adhere glitter, flock, foil, gilding flakes, embossing powder and ultra-thick embossing powder to a wide range of surfaces. It’s permanent and acid free and available in either A4 or 12in rolls. The RRP is £14.99 for A4 and £19.99 for the 12in roll. +44 (0)7902 204 267 CHECKER DISTRIBUTORS The Stitchy Sticks three-piece set has six main features to aid in general sewing and quilting, hand and machine appliqué, fabric turning, English paper-piecing, and vinyl crafting, stuffing and more. 1. Stiletto: Used to help guide fabric while at the sewing machine to keep fingers a safe distance away from the sewing machine’s needle; or to gently guide the fabric through the presser foot when sewing both straight on and curved seams. Also used to keep fingers safe from a hot iron; to poke out corners of the sewn fabric; or push the stuffing into tiny spaces. Also used to hold small seam allowances in place while understitching and place layers of fabric and line up edges; and weed vinyl projects. 2. Blunted Ball Tip: Used to steady template pieces or small pieces of fabric at the iron - rather than using your finger. Use in combination with the turning tube to turn the fabric or to turn straight sides of appliqués. 3. Tapered Finger: Use to assist in opening seams; to finger press seams; or to wrap fabric around templates. It assists in the specific placement of applique and is useful to hold glued pieces in place. 4. Spatula: Use to pry starched fabric or fused fabric off the pressing surface; to score release papers when working with Fusible interfacing and stabilisers or to remove English Paper-Piecing papers, foundation papers or other backing papers after stitching is complete. 5. Turning Tube: To assist in turning fabric when paired with the blunt ball tip. 6. Body of the tools: The squared handle measures 1/4in on each side. Use a pencil to draw a 1/4in seam allowance beyond the edge of the template. The flat sides stop the tools from rolling off the working surface. +1.800.537.1060 79 CRAFT TOOLS 