Craft Focus - December 2021/January 2022 (Issue 88)

JEJE PRODUKT Relive old times of window colour with these Window Colour Cards sets from JEJE Produkt. Create fantastic effects with peeloff stickers, permanent markers and transparent sheets. It’s now possible to recreate beautiful stained-glass effects with peel-off stickers, permanent markers and transparent sheets. The series consists of two complete blister boxes and several small A5 sets. Everything to make a complete Window Colouring Card is included in the sets; peel-off sticker sheets, design paper, different colours of card cardboard, acetate sheets, sticky tape or sheet and not to forget the permanent markers. The large blister box is good for making six cards, available in the themes Everyday and Christmas. The A5 sets for making three cards, in the themes Roses and Dreamcatchers. ENVELOPES Using eucalyptus paper has some pretty amazing benefits for you and for the environment. It’s estimated that a eucalyptus tree grows six to 12 foot per year producing timber ideal for paper in a short time and provides more pulp than other wood types, making it more efficient and economical. It produces a high-quality paper, with an improved porosity, opacity and smoothness (which is great for printing as well). This also means that these envelopes are completely plastic-free, recyclable and eco-friendly. With the status of the climate being a hot topic right now, it has never been a better time to make the switch to a more sustainable choice of envelope. World of Envelopes’ entire Clariana range and white greetings envelopes (codes starting with C03) are made from eucalyptus paper, check them out on the website. +44 (0)1628 810 999 S&S HOME SUPPLIES LTD. T/A OLFA UK OLFA’s SAC-1 Graphics Precision, Auto-Lock Knife is the ultimate tool for any graphics, sign making, arts, or crafts project. Complete with a 9mm sharpangled, it gives you a precise cut every time. The SAC-1 features an ultraslim, lightweight, stainless steel body and a 30-degree angled blade. This perfect angle ensures that the sharpest point of the blade comes into direct contact with the cutting area. Cutting accuracy is increased further by an auto-lock mechanism that holds the blade firmly in place, preventing even the slightest movement from occurring. This also gives you a higher level of personal protection and stops accidents from happening. Its SAB-10 blade uses high-quality Japanese steel and provides you with extraordinary sharpness and better edge retention. It comes complete with seven segments that you can “snap off” to reveal a brand new, honed edge. These blade sections mean that one blade is the equivalent of using seven individual blades. So you get more use but spend less. The back of the knife has a built-in pocket clip that also doubles up as a blade snapper so you can snap on the go. A quick snap replaces a blunt edge with a super-sharp one and is especially important for avoiding tearing or dragging when cutting materials such as paper. The SAC-1 can effortlessly cut through a wide variety of materials such as paper, film, fabrics, poster board, stencils, balsa wood, and so much more. This compact cutter is an ideal addition to your array of tools. +44 (0)20 8204 1422 55 PAPERCRAFTS