Craft Focus - December 2021/January 2022 (Issue 88)

Paper projects Get folding, cutting and creating with paper! PEARLYWINKS Pearlywinks Craft Supplies launched its Stamp a Ring back in April 2021 and it has sold out time and time again. This amazing tool allows the user to create perfect circles with their mini stamps, but it doesn’t stop there, this fantastic concept also allows you to use bigger stamps and still create that perfect circle, currently the design has a 4in x 4in template and a 5in x 5in template that fit nicely in most stamping platforms. If you do want to go larger than this, it’s still possible without using a platform. The Stamp a Ring also has several masks and stencils that can be used for backgrounds. The Stamp a Ring has many uses and can even be used to create square designs opposed to circles. The RRP is £12.99. +44 (0)1612 229 690 PEAK DALE PRODUCTS Peak Dale Products is proud to currently be the only importer of the PaperCraft World range of products in the UK. Papercraft World products are a beautiful way of spending time with family and friends. Bring alive the magic and create beautiful 3D papercraft sculptures with pre-cut and pre-creased assembly kits. So easy to do with kits starting from ages 6+, the entire family can get involved. See the website for the whole range. +44 (0)1298 78447 categories/38607 54