Craft Focus - Page number 89 - August/September 2021 (Issue 86)

89 BOOKS THE ECO-CHRISTMAS CRAFT BOOK By Marrianne Miall £12.99 9781782219729 Search Press The Eco-Christmas Craft Book is filled with lots of ideas to create your own stylishly beautiful, eco-friendly Christmas. All you need to do is save up some recyclable or foraged items such as cardboard, newspaper, wine bottle corks, twigs and pine cones. You can choose your own colour scheme to match your home and, because the materials are recyclable, you could make new ones every year! Including all the things that make Christmas special, such as tree decorations, advent items, Christmas cards, table decorations, wreaths and many more, there are 30 fabulous projects to make, and ideas for many more. So start collecting and learn how to make gorgeous, professional-looking decorations cheaply, without harming the planet. We say: If you love Christmas, you’ll love this book! It’s the perfect antidote to the traditional tinsels and glitters that shed harmful microplastics, polluting our oceans and waterways. Crafting THE JOY OF MODERN CALLIGRAPHY By Joyce Lee £15.99 9781782218395 Search Press Joyce Lee first picked up a calligraphy pen when she started making stationery for her wedding. For her, it’s now a way of life, her career and what she calls a ‘calligraventure’. In this practical and inspiring book, Joyce introduces modern calligraphy, including the tools you need and how to use them. She teaches various techniques and methods for creating beautiful artwork to give you the confidence to embark on creative projects of your own, including handwritten envelopes, gift tags and an elegant monogram. To help you practise your handwriting skills, the book is accompanied by an envelope of photocopiable practice sheets, contained within an attractive hardback folder. However, this is more than just an instructional guide; it encourages you to find joy in committing your thoughts to paper. Joyce believes that calligraphy isn’t just about perfecting the strokes, but about patience, concentration and slowing down to be mindful of the moment. Creativity is at the heart of us all; it simply needs to be unlocked, nurtured and given an outlet. We say: This book is everything calligraphy should be: classic, stylish, creative and thought-provoking. Calligraphy EMBROIDERING THE EVERYDAY Found, Stitch, Paint By Cas Holmes £22.95 9781849947114 Pavilion Books Cas Holmes’ new book couldn’t be more timely, coming at a stage when all artists have had to find inspiration from the limitations of everyday materials and everyday geography due to the pandemic. The concepts of the ‘everyday’ and the ‘domestic’ have always provided a wealth of inspiration for Cas. In Embroidering the Everyday , she explores these themes and experiments with techniques, processes and ideas gleaned from a year at home. From rediscovering family history and heirlooms to repurposing kitchen cupboard items, the book is a masterclass in working with limited localities and resources to create textile work that resonates with time and place. We say: This treasure trove of ideas, techniques and practical projects is an essential guide for our times. Embroidery