Craft Focus - Page number 88 - August/September 2021 (Issue 86)

88 Bookstand Stock your shelves with the latest craft-related book releases BAGS FOR LIFE 21 projects to make, customise and love for ever By Stuart Hillard £20 9781911663409 Pavilion Books In his new book, Stuart Hillard shows how to embrace sustainability and show off your personality by making your own bags. They can look simple, sophisticated and modern, or loud, flamboyant and bursting with exuberance – pick your bag, choose your fabrics and make it your way! Readers will learn how to make a diverse range of projects – from shopping bags, picnic bags, tote bags and laptop bags to an overnight bag, toiletry bag, crafting project bag and even a wallet. These bespoke projects are often multi-functional too: a splash-proof beach bag that has zipped pockets to keep valuables separate, a rucksack that turns into a picnic rug and a tote that turns into a towel. We say: Stuart provides achievable patterns, fast makes for all abilities and professional looking results. Sewing MILLIE MAROTTA’S SECRETS OF THE SEA By Millie Marotta £9.99 9781849947107 Pavilion Books In her latest colouring book, Millie Marotta takes us on a journey to discover wondrous wildlife from the Arctic waters to the balmy Australian coast. We’re invited to swim with dolphins, narwhals and manatees as we look up to the cries of albatrosses, little auks, and pelicans. There’s also jellyfish, seahorses and polar bears to bring to life with colour. Millie feels very fortune to live on the coast in Tenby, Pembrokeshire and takes inspiration both from local wildlife and from ocean, sea and coastal habitats around the globe. Millie brings her love of the sea to intricate drawings of everything from tiny shells to mighty whales, all recreated in her signature style that is loved by fans around the world. We say: Colouring has seen a revival since the UK lockdown, and this will be a welcome addition for both old and new fans. COLOUR DEMYSTIFIED A complete guide to mixing and using watercolours By Julie Collins £15.99 9781782217978 Search Press This book demystifies colour, and helps artists understand how colour works in a highly visual way through the use of colour charts accompanied by examples, practical exercises, and analyses of watercolour paintings. Numerous artworks by a variety of contemporary artists are featured in the book, covering a broad range of subjects and palettes. Topics such as granulation, iridescence, staining strength, and transparent and opaque colours are explained clearly and simply. There’s also practical guidance on colour relationships, using colour to create space, and how to be more creative with colour. We say: Encourage yourself to be bolder and more creative in your use of colour in art. Colouring Watercolouring MANGA ART SECRETS By Dalia Sharawna £12.99 9781782219804 Search Press With the interest in manga- style art now stronger than ever its influence can be seen in films such as Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro by Studio Ghibli, amongst other movies this is the perfect book to slipstream into manga drawing. Packed full of step-by-step sequences for face, body, and poses, you too can draw in the manga-art style. Learn how to draw figures in the characteristic style of your favourite characters by building a portfolio of drawings. At the end of each chapter is a series of practice exercises where you’re encouraged to trace or freehand draw subjects from earlier on. You’ll end up with a portfolio of sketches charting your artistic development. We say: I really enjoyed the artists-in-residence section, where various artists share their manga-art secrets and showcase their own art. Very inspiring! Drawing