Craft Focus - April/May 2023 (Issue 96)

84 Bookstand Stock your shelves with the latest craft-related book releases FORAGED & RECYCLED ART By Clare Youngs £14.99 9781800652071 CICO Books With ideas for makes from gifts and stationery to homewares and decorations, this collection shows you how to craft innovative projects from foraged and upcycled materials. The 35 designs include a festive gilded leaf garland, pretty seedpod coasters, floral paper bags and an appliqué wall hanging. Expert maker Clare Youngs guides you through all the techniques you’ll need, showing you how to use a wide range of materials including fabric and paper off-cuts as well as natural elements such as twigs, flowers and pebbles. We say: With just a few inexpensive supplies and tools to get you started, you’ll soon be making beautiful works of art and developing your creativity while being kind to the planet. LESSONS WITH CLAY By Melisa Dora £24.99 9780764364693 Schiffer Publishing Have you ever wanted to create your own ceramics but had no idea how to begin? Expert ceramicist Melisa Dora teaches you everything you need to know to make exquisite ceramic tableware. Step-by-step instructions clearly outline the techniques for forming and building your pieces, throwing the clay, firing, and glazing. Explore the best practices for using clay and different glazes — and even how to make your own glazes. Discover how to reuse, recycle, and reclaim your materials. Learn tips for troubleshooting and advice for photographing and selling your finished work. Once you’ve mastered the techniques, use them to create mugs, plates, bowls, serving dishes, vases, and more. We say: Melisa Dora makes it easy for you to design and create ceramic pieces that will adorn your home and brighten your life. Recycling Ceramics LEATHERCRAFTING DIY By Yoko Ganaha & Piggy Tsujioka £27.99 9780764364198 Schiffer Publishing Featuring hundreds of very clear step-by-step photos, these projects give beginner and intermediate-level crafters everything needed to make contemporary, stylish leather items. First up are 23 projects based on simple structures, then nine more based on intermediate structures, arranged in skill-building sequence. That approach - emphasising the underlying shapes that leatherwork is based on - allows you to understand the concepts behind the work for better results. Enjoy making bags, water bottle holders, ornaments, office accessories, binoculars cases, and more, and learn ways to use dyeing, decorating methods, embossing, and metal fittings. The basics are here for learning or reference, including preparing patterns, rough cutting, transferring patterns, punching stitching holes, cutting, burnishing, gluing, and finishing. We say: Each of these leather creations allows for infinite variations, making this your go-to project resource for years to come. Leathercrafting