Craft Focus - April/May 2023 (Issue 96)

 MAN OF THE MOMENT! Say thanks to the big guy in your life! CORINNE LAPIERRE Mr. Cat Mechanic is a very special tribute to the tinkerers and DIYers in one’s life! He’s part of Corinne Lapierre’s range of folk animal mini kits, each with their own hobby and activity, which also includes Marcel the Sailor Bear, Prof. Hare Stargazer and Hedgehog Gardener. Quick and easy to make, Mr Cat is suitable for beginners and more advanced crafters. Beautifully packaged in a signature brown craft box, this kit contains absolutely everything needed for the project: clearly illustrated instructions and templates, soft wool mix felt, DMC thread, a needle, ribbon and toy filling. +44 (0)1132 460 403 ANCIENT WISDOM The conditioning properties of a good beard oil are indispensable. Beard oil will not only help to grow a better one, but make it more comfortable, healthy and sweet-smelling in the process. Ancient Wisdom has carefully blended four types to help cleanse, condition, regenerate and enhance any beard or stubble. The new range of Ancient Wisdom Beard Oils is fast absorbing and contain blends of pure essential oils and coconut, apricot, avocado, argan, vitamin E and golden jojoba oils. All those rich in vitamins oils will soften coarse hair and help make it supple and easier to style. And, behind the scenes they’ll help condition the skin underneath, reducing the chances of it becoming itchy or flaky. Rest assured, your customer’s beards will thank you. +44 (0)1142 729 165 EXACLAIR Part of the Exacompta-Clairefontaine Group, Décopatch has successfully launched into ‘retail’ space this cosmic kit, which contains three papier mâché shapes to decorate: a moon, an astronaut and a rocket, three sheets of patterned paper, a pot of glue and a brush. The rocket comes in two pieces and can provide fun storage or be filled with special treats for Dad. +44 (0)1553 696 600 KNITTING FEVER Lykke Driftwood needles are resin infused natural birchwood. The patented technique adds both strength and a smooth surface to the wood, as well as impregnating the wood with colour (in this case black). These beautiful needles are handcrafted and assembled in Kathmandu, Nepal creating a microeconomy that supports the surrounding community and employs many women, as well as contributing through social programmes to the worker’s children (for example school supplies and glasses). 67 FATHER’S DAY